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    Could anyone educate me on the cam bearing issue with Twin Cam motors. From what I'm told, there was early year problems. 1999, 2000? Was this the front and rear cam roller and ball bearings? Or was it the inner needle cam bearings that were suspect. Reason I ask is because with gear drive replacement cams ( which I'm considering, ) the kits come with both bearings. I understand that you must replace the larger (outer) cam bearings. So, were the inner ones questionable? By the way, my bike is a 2002 TC 88. Any opinions ?? Thanks !!!
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    If you are pulling everything out of the cam chest to convert to gear drive, replace the cheap OEM installed inner cam shafts support INA needle bearings with the Torrington bearings. In the cam support plates, replace your roller bearings with new ones. The problem you are refering to above was early TCs. See here:

    Early Twin Cam Bearing Problem Identification - Harley Davidson Community


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    The problem bearing was on the Rear Outer Cam(drive cam),,,,,In the Cam support plate..
    It was a ball like the front one and Not strong enough to "Drive" the other cam..
    Hence a new style of Heavy Roller Bearing to replace the weak Ball style came into play..

    When I first heard of problem and harley wasn't going to do anything until IT BLEW...(2000FXDS build dated dec.15,1999)
    I replaced it with the heaver bearing just to be safe..

    Then I went Gear Drive cams, and went back to the Ball style bearing that seemed to work okay Driving One cam not Two...

    Harley has done away with Bearings on the outer cam ends and Now are using big Brass Bushings which i think to be safer and will take a Load better.

    The problem years was ALL 1999 TC's and first "Half" Year of the 2000 model year motors.. In the 2000 motor, bike frame build date : is dated on the front frame down tube IF Dec 15, 1999 it had the Lesser Strength ball style bearing...
    Heavy (roller style) bearing was used on ALL second 1/2 of 2000 model year with frame dates AFTER 99 (00) on the build date was OkAY and no problem their after.. so build dates saying 2000 on the build date were of the newer style..

    The INNER bearings are Still the INA style on ALL stock Harley TC through-out today and Would be better replaced with solid style cage bearings when you are in and apart....

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    Okeedoke. Thanks Bubbie