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    Last summer when I was riding, I had a cager cut me off when he changed lanes. He was three car lengths ahead of me in the left lane by the time we reached the light. I got in the right lane to go straight, as I thought the 3 vehicles were going to turn left. As they ALL had their signals on. As I went straight, I saw the same car switch lanes, and followed me for three blocks before I turned into my destination. Just getting ready to put the stand down, when the same car that cut me off pulled up next to me. The driver got out, came over to me and held out his hand. He said…'Hey man I was going to turn back there but after thinking what I had just done, I HAD to catch up with you and apologize to you. He said he was a rider also, and didn't know what he was thinking. I told him no problem, but he disagreed. He said the problem was HE wasn't paying attention, and it could have been a serious mishap. Shook his hand and said accepted. We later caught up with each other and had some enjoyable rides together till the snow started to fly. He is a great person! I would just like to know what others would do or say in the same situation. I mean he went out of his way just to apologize. I thought that was pretty decent of him. I KNOW there are times when you just want to :bigsmiley19: …well you know what I mean Any others ever had that happen?

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    When I read your title to your post, my first thought was " The cager is a rider too." Well, I was right, but I will tell you that we are all humans and it takes a good man (or woman) to admit they were wrong, no matter what. I am glad your experience turned out well. God works among us to allow us to make decisions that will affect our lives. I know He was pleased with both of you.
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    Could not have said it better.
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    Something similar happened to me just yesterday.

    Was cruising down an area by the river called Riverside , Jax. locals know what that be. Anyhow two lane residential streets with center lane for turns. I guess I got to close to the center lane line on one cause the guy behind me thought I was going to turn and pulled up right by me while both still in the same lane.

    The spped limit around there is 35 so could very easily caught up to him but decided no harm so let it go...unsusal for my Spanish temperament. I be proud of me there....Spanish people can speak red-neck too yous know.

    At the next stop sign he's pulled way to the curve and waiting for me. When I pull up next to him he sticks his head out his window and apologizes to me. He thought I was going to turn. This guy also rides.

    I guess sometimes it does pay to keep ones cool and not be quick to be a hot head....guess geezerhood is fixing that.
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    Not a bike tale but if you will humor me, I think it is applicable to this post. When I first came in the force and still had a Field Training Officer, (FTO), riding with me, I went to change lanes and must have had my head in my In backside:newsmile026:. Cut this lady in a cage off and if she had not been paying attention, I would have sideswiped her good. I followed her and when she stopped at a store, I got out and apologized and offered to provide her with my supervisor's contact information if she wanted to make a complaint.

    She was very nice about it. Said we all make mistakes, even Troopers in big fancy cruisers. Never forgot that.

    Be vigilant out there. We all make mistakes...:small3d002:
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    Sometimes I catch myself doing silly things like not 'clearing' the intersection before I move when the light turns green . . . or not clearing completely the adjacent lane when I switch lanes . . . oops! Or dropping into neutral when at a long light . . I am diligent in trying to clean that up though . . . mistakes stink!

    Mark - Thanks!:newsmile026:
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    Good on him and it figures he'd be a rider.

    To err is human and we've all done it at some point in time.
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    Yes, it's nice to know that some (although very few it seems) are man/woman enough to admit they made a mistake. To cagers and riders alike, let's share the road guys and gals....SAFELY.

    Very best to all.

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    Usually when a cager causes a close call like that and realizes it, they keep their distance or try to get out of the vicinity as fast as possible. It took guts for that guy to catch up to you and apologize. Most people don't have that much character anymore.

    A month or so ago I was in the center lane of a 3-lane road, approaching a major intersection. As I continued in my lane through the intersection, some guy turned right onto the road I was on and tried to come over into my lane. Only problem was I was already there. This dipstick has his window down and he got close enough I could have spit in his face. I yelled "Hey, wake the UP! He went back in his lane and dropped way back. The last I saw of him, he was a quarter mile behind me.
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    It takes a big man/woman to admit there mistakes. Good for him to stand up and go out of his way to try to make things right.