C&C Sport Tour Seat - Anyone have one?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by oiler, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. oiler

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    Looking for any input on C&C's Sport Tour seat. Thinking about getting the Sport Tour seat with driver's backrest for my 2009 SG. Worried though that it might not be as comfortable for rider and passenger as a Mustang seat would be.
  2. Brenden

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    I've had a C&C seat on my Road King for five years with no issues. It does well with 500 to 600 mile per day rides. A little wider seat would be better if you plan to do 600 plus miles per day. The quality and fit is very nice. It's a nice combination of style and comfort. I rode it from Florida to California and enjoyed every minute of it.
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    I have never seen the c&c seat before but I just checked them out. They look really nice. I just had the mustang supersolo seat put on my flhx while I was at bike week. And just incase you were considering it was really comfortable. I got the two piece so when the mrs. Isn't with I can take off the big passenger seat. I rode 1,100 miles home straight through without any discomfort. As far as looks go though I really like the c&c. I just thought I would brag about my mustang seat ;). I am very pleased. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Hope you find the right seat and enjoy it. Anything is an upgrade after doing 1,100 miles on the stock seat.

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  4. ltfuzz

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    It's 10 times the quality of most other saddles on the market. Just be sure to contact the folks at C&C so you can give them some specs on your height, inseem and any other things you can thing of. You want to get it right the first time as they are not cheap..
    Running the Sport Tour on my RK with leather and the gel insert. Works well for my fat behind. (oh sorry, is that too offensive)?
  5. Joyflyin

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    In answer to your question, this: Works well for my fat behind. NO

    This: (oh sorry, is that too offensive)? Would have been better left at home. :s

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    I would agree with all of the comments submitted about the C&C seats. I have put over 50,000 on my C&C Fastback with no issues or regrets.
    As mentioned by ltfuzz....make sure you call them, talk to Chuck and discuss with him any issues or concerns. That way, these can be addressed when they build your seat.
    Very important to get this right, for your long term comfort and enjoyment.
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    What about the gel - is it worth getting in there seats