Buying Damaged Glide?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by leo13, Feb 13, 2009.

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    Hi, I'm new here, but have had an introduction thread for a week or so.

    I looked at a damaged 2006 Road Glide, 8,500 miles, and EXTREMELY clean except for: it looks like it hit the back of a car. The fairing and front fender are being painted, new inner fairing & windhield, and new r/h upper fork. The r/h fork upper was bent, the engine guard is scraped (doesn't look bent though) and there is a dent in the tank where the fairing edge hit it about the size of a 50 cent piece (I gather they're not fixing the dent). Other then that, the bike is in showroom condition. It looks to me like it hit a bumper and then fell over.

    The bike is black with silver, has security, electronic cruise and is stock.

    I couldn't see any damage to the triple tree or swingarm or anything else. They say it was an insurance buy (I asked if it was a salvage, I don't know if there is a difference). When done, they're going to want about $10K ($10,000), if I offer, I'm thinking more like $9,500.

    Question: Is there a risk, is it worth it, or do I walk away? I've been looking at our local craigs list clone for about a month, and most Road Glides for sale have been around $14K, with high mileage (for some reason Roads seem to get ridden more than Street's or even Electra's). the least I've seen had 17K on it.
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    Hey leo13, I think if someone buys a bike from a insurance co. and fixes it up it will have a salvage title and it won't bring as much money. I would see if they would let you take it some where and have the frame checked to make sure it tracks strait the neck of the frame is O.K. etc. Just my 2 cents. Hoghunter
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    Would this be your first Harley? Others more knowledgeable will log on and let you know the specifics mechanically.

    In '07 HD went from a 88 to 96 motor. Also a 6 speed instead of 5.

    In '08 they also added a 6 gallon tank and Brembo brakes.

    In '09, well, read previous blogs.

    These are things to considers when purchasing something as personal as a HD.

    This site is great and you'll get HONEST answers.
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    No, will be my 4th Harley, though none in the last 15 years or so. I'm no master mechanic, but was a jet (fighter) mechanic for 4 years in the Air Force, and another 7 years as a USAF civilian.

    I have a very good friend with an '03 Road King, and an acquaintance with a small Harley repair shop, so one or both will see it, and I'll definitely check for tracking before I hand over cash.

    I'm not positive where the $ value should be, but I think it's close. I 'm heading down to Mesquite NV today, so I'll slip over to Las Vegas where there is a similar bike (orange '07 with 4K miles and is done), for somewhere around $11K).
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    As a mechanic, you know that the biggest concern is what you CAN NOT see that is under the paint, particularly at the frame-neck welds. Mashing the front end hard enough to bend the fork tube particularly with an impulse load may have initiated some stress cracking that will not be visible to the naked eye. See what your buddies think about ways to examine the various welds there at the front end to make sure you know what you are getting.

    The other issue is the condition of the tripple tree on the right side where the top of the tube is secured. Need to ensure that is not bent in any way. Obviously the bearings and races in the neck should be changed out.

    Finally, make sure that the front rim is true. Might want to consider changing out those bearings too.

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    I have a prior salvage street glide that had minor front end damage ( entire new front end, fender, and outer fairing from HD) and it rides like a dream. Mine is a 07 i got in early 08 and had 900 miles on it. I have about 14k in it completely fixed with rinehart exhaust. I wouldnt hesitate to do it again either. One down side is the resale is low on prior salvage bikes. If you are buying it to ride the wheels off it I say go for it.
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    As an insurance bought bike it will likely have a salvage title.Nothing wrong with taking a little risk for a good price on a salvage vehicle if you know the damage and it appears you do.Are they reinspecting it or will that be your responsibility.Each state is different as to what they require when reinspecting a salvage vehicle.If youre the one doing this make sure to call your DMV so you know exactly what reciepts and paper work they require.
    In my state a copy of the origional insurance estimate and copies of reciepts for all parts listed on that estimate are needed.So if that estimate says to replace the frame, you must have a reciept showing the purchase.
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    I guess I'm the exception to the rule... I still have all the Harley's I've purchased....

    Anyway. If you think it's a good deal buy it... Resale value is "down the road". Buy it, ride it, keep it for a while... Then do what I do... Keep it and but another one!

    The re-sale value will be lower if you sell it down the line.. But it also means you will pay less for it now...

    You're not buying it as an investment. :newsmile093: You're buying it to ride it.:rider
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    Smitty,if you look at his original post,I think this is the repaired price.
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    I agree with you ,if you want to put a bit of time into it and check all the markets,not just your own area there are some great deals out there