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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by chuck60, May 22, 2012.

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    As some of you know I bought a 2012 Street Glide and was never happy with it from day 2, I complained about the transmission and the heat, well I got the dealer to buy it back so now I'm with out a bike, I am thinking about buying a 2009 Road King FLHR, it has 12000 miles and they want $15,000 does that sound like a good price for it. It has many extras that I would have had to add on.

    Thanks Charlie.
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    NADA Average Retail Value is $14,810 so all things considered, I'd say that's a very good price if it has a lot of stuff that you would have paid to add anyways.
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    as a comparison - Up in Dallas ( Carrolton) ...2012 EG Police ( civilianized ) with 11 miles on it.....16,700. Just sat on it last Saturday. Has everything except the stereo and cruise. has a 2-up seat, you'll need a better seat probably. They have 2 EG's. One with solo seat ( white ) the one mentioned above is street/civilian ready ( black) . they have a 2012 RK for 16,700. The RK and the white EG still need to be civilianized...( if thats a word)

    I asked why so low compared to the others ( 23,900 ), he said they were 96's with no radio, a couple gauges off, no Harley markings, no cruise. Full Fairings on the EG's and windshield on the RK. Full cages around the bags. Brand spankin new, all 3. all 3, 16,700.

    If i can figure it out, I'll post the black

    Im taking momma up to look...she has to like before i ride it. If i ride it, I know I'll buy it. I would gladly dump 4k in it and make it mine.

    Im back in Dallas Thursday - can get better detail if needed. He says they come in monthly. Can scoot down there Friday.

    Here are two of them

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    I bought an 02 FLHTC in Dec of 04 with 12000 miles on it and paid $15300. I still have the bike with almost 90000 miles on it. And I love it! So I'd say go ahead and buy.
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    recently bought an 09 FLHR, vivid black with V&H pro pipe chrome, VO2 Drak intake, Fuel Pack, backrest and luggage rack. Had a new tire on back...they put a new tire on front. 14,600 miles.. $14,600. I was very happy with the price.
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    Charlie; What besides the heat and transmission displeased you with the '12 Street Glide? Except for the batwing fairing (and components) the '09 Road King is almost the same bike.
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    How did you convince the dealer to "buy it back"? Was it contingent on you buying another bike from them?
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    i'd consider a '07 or earlier h-d. not as complicated electronics. you'd have to "FIND" one that you like , but i think you would like it better if its well maintained. lb that what my local bike shop says & he has a '09 t/g.
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    The 09 has the 96 in it witch I like, and the heat off the 103 was to much for me, I had a screaming eagle with a 103 in 2006 and there was not a heat issue like the new ones. also I have had 2 road kings and I just prefer them, also I did not want to buy new again.