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    Please sorry for mistakes in writting.
    I need help from expirienced riders. I just decideed between japanese bike and Harley Nightster in favor Nightster, but today I spoke to some guy which used to live in America and out there drove few bikes and two of them were Harleys. He told me that Harley is worst bike in the world, that I shold buy anything but Harley, that Harley is very often broken, something come off, has electric problems, that Harley has very, very bad handling on the road. He sad that Harley is nothing but myth which is created by riders whose never rode anything but Harley. What can I tell you, I am crazy and worried. What to do? Now, I dont know anything.
    I hope that You understand what I want to say here.
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    I just bought my first Harley, the FLHTC. For years I avoided Harleys because of the kind of stories you have been hearing. People said that they break down. They won't last. And there was a time when it was all true. Back when AMF owned Harley they were a piece of crap. Things got a lot better when the Evo engines came out. Now, with the Twin Cams, they seem to have gotten everything right.

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    While this friend told you some truths about the older Harleys, the newer bikes are pretty good now. They've had 105 years to fix some of the problems and while even the new bikes aren't perfect, I wouldn't pass one up for an import.

    A LOT of the problems on older bikes were the people who worked on them.
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    Whoa!...seems like someone had a bad experience with their Harley...are is a kinda he said she said kinda thingee .I am very new to the world of Harley...but I've gotta say I bought a 2004 Road King..I've put 42,000 plus miles on her...and never had any kind of problems. So not sure what your intension's are as far as riding but I don't think you'll go wrong with a Harley...but like I said my bikes only 4 years old this year...Like Hobbit says..Don't believe everything ya hear..Oh and btw...a few folks I know who's put down the Harleys ..did so only because they could not afford one...I guess folks have lots of reasons for not liking certain products..For instance I'm a Chevy wife has a Dodge...and my brother has a Ford...I would not own a Ford...coz I grew up a Chevy guy...and I know my brothers never had problems with the take it with a grain of salt...and regardless what you purchase..Welcome to ya...and lots of fantastic folks here...Alot of them know so much about bikes ..if ya have a problem someone here can help can't begin to name em all...anyway..welcome aboard!:D
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    Hello Branimir:D
    Only been around Harleys for about 5 years, but I think your friend was referring about the old Harleys, shovel and pan heads engines.

    All bike are going to have issues, before I bought my 06 EGC I was looking on buying a Yamaha FRJ or a Kawasaki Concours but after doing some research on recalls and issues on their specific forums I found out that they were way more problems with those bikes than the Harleys, also the metrics bike will depreciated way faster than a Harley.:s that was enough reason for me to stick with a Harley.:D

    Good Luck:D
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    I would say your friend is refering to older Harleys or he has something against Harleys and has probably only ever owned a Rice Burner.
    Like glider says you rarely have problems with the newer Harleys, so go get that Nightster and enjoy the ride.
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    Hey Brani
    Welcome to the forum.
    You know about this thing called envy? Sounds like you have been talking to someone who has not been a real Harley rider. Some people knock the thing they do not have themself. I now own my third Harley and never have had a moments regret.
    Everything can break down do not take care of it.
    Look after your Harley and you will find she will serve you for as long as YOU want her to. But neglect her and she will give up on you faster than you can imagine.
    This goes for all bikes.
    Your friend's Harley (if it was his own) went wrong because it was not cared for!
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    I can't believe how nice you all are...LOL

    The people that bad name Harley's are the NON owners...Period.

    I would not dream of going on a jap bike thread and saying anything like that about the rice burners. :D

    The guy you spoke to is an (edited) and as said already has his head up his rear.

    Again there is nothing wrong with the older bikes panheads, shovels are being used daily here in the UK and around the world. The Evo is probably the best engine and well proven. All makes of bikes, cars, trucks and boats have issues sometimes but you can't generalise like that (person) you spoke to.

    Nearly forgot.........:bigsmiley23:

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  9. dllowrider

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    The ride says it all. Ride a Harley and the truth will reveal itself to you.
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    I might as well add my 2cents worth. In the earley 60's i owned a 650 BSA twin lighting if I would have known about loctite then I would have been a happy camper. Every bolt on that bike would vibrate loose almost daily even though this was not a rice burner I could not just go for a scoot without checking from stem to stern for loose parts. I know times have changed for the better in regards to all bikes. But it seems to me that the other guys are trying very hard to get the HARLEY look. I have two of the newer Harleys an 05 Dyna and a 07 Softail Deluxe.MIGHTY DAMN FINE RIDES. Now If I was you go get the Nightser.

    Ride to the sun.:s