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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by AZDave, Jan 29, 2011.

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    Hi Everyone and thanks in advance for your help. I have an 09 Heritage and I upgraded the seat to a Mustang wide studded, with backrest, I have about 3500 miles on the seat. So here's my problem, after riding for about an hour my butt feels numb. If I lay way back it helps for a while. A friend just bought a Corbin which is as hard as a rock compared to mine, and 3 inches narrow and he loves it, he can go hours longer with no pain or numbing. Do you think my seats to wide? Has anyone overcome this problem by going to a hard narrower seat.
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    Three questions come to mind here. First, did the stock seat make you go numb? The second thing that pops up is how much do you weigh? The last thing is have you ever noticied what your ride profile is? This is a little harder to determine but can be checked sometimes by riding late in the day when your profile casts a shadow on the road bed next to you as you are traveling. You might be surprized to learn that you are riding slumped forward or maybe slumped back. It might be that a wider set of handlebars or ones that sweep back further would alleviate your problem. Check your riding posture too. It could be that your feet are too far forward or backward and that can cause your spine to be out of alignment, especially as you bounce around on the seat. I once knew a man who was having back and posterior problems like you have described. His legs were pretty long and he was riding the wrong bike. He traded bikes for one that accomidated his size better and his problem went away, You also have to take your age into consideration when it comes to things like this. This can be a daunting problem to uncover the true culprit in your discomfort.
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    Could be...when I had Mean City Cycles mod my stock seat - not only did they add double memory foam, the seat was narrowed on the sides. Their point was to shave off bad pressure points that cause discomfort. Yours could be too wide on the sides & this can cause pressure relating to leg numbness.
  4. Rubyred

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    Just a thought. Could you take your friends seat and put it on your bike and try it?
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    i changed the seat on my fatboy from a mustang it was like riding concrete after 50 mile my rear was numb and tailbone killing me
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    I get numb after about 50 miles but that has pretty much been the case with every motorcycle i have ever had if i try to do 100 miles tail bone gets sore so i tend to stop and stretch legs every 50 miles or so it will add 30 minutes to the 200 mile but when i am on a longer journey i am there to enjoy it not cover the miles as fast as possible

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    Personally I have yet to find an aftermarket seat that is more comfortable than my stock FLSTC seat. Buddy of mine just bought a real nice RK with a Corbin on it. The bike had custom flames and the seat is stitched to match. LOOKS great, then I sat on it and it was like a fence rail. I also noticed that it's tough to see the flames stitching when you are riding down the road... I'm just not that flexible ;-)

    For numb rump I would ride it to the chiropractor and have him give input. Might as well get an adjustment while you're there...
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    Before giving up on your new Mustang purchase you may consider trying one of these.

    BeadRider - Beaded Motorcycle Seats

    R.Bingham let me borrow one and now I have them both on the rider and pillion seats. Makes for a much more comfortable ride and greatly reduces sweating when it is hot outside. A lot less expensive than a new seat to boot :D
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    Have you eve had back problems?
  10. doctordoug

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    Softness doesn't equal comfort. A soft seat adds little support and the seat widens with a load and puts pressure on the inner thighs. I had what some call a hard Corbin seat on a vintage BMW. It was the best seat I have ever had. I would check with friends and switch seats with them or ride their bikes to see which you prefer. I would also experiment with the position of the back rest. Move it forward or back to see if this makes a difference. I still come back to a soft seat not being comfortable.