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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by 98fat, Feb 25, 2010.

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    Well, this seems to be the winter of multiple problems on my 98 Fatboy. I was trying to start my bike last night and smelled a burnt smell.

    The battery is kept on a tender but is turning the bike slow. I am going to replace but wonder if I have other problems. I am thinking stator maybe, I am going to take the derby off and see if the primary smells. Question, do you have to remove the inner primary to replace the stator or will it pull with it still on after I remove the clutch basket and chain?

    I will replace the battery and try to figure out how to test the stator and reg.
    I have read most of the stuff posted here on how to do so but have to admit, I am not that bright when it comes to electrical stuff (or any other stuff for that matter).

    I have posted several issues here recently and really do appreciate all the help.
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    BEFORE you go pulling things apart, do the basics. Take off the leads from the battery (neg first) clean both surfaces of BOTH ends of both leads and then resecure (neg last).

    Take the derby cover off and give the fluid the sniff test. If you have burnt coils on the stator, you will be able to tell immediately based on the smell.

    Then do this stuff:

    Testing The Charging System - Harley Davidson Community

    That may take care of your worry about the STATOR. Obviously if you found something with the testing above, then you will need to fix that. Hopefully it was just the battery cable ends needing a bit of cleaning and resecuring.

    And no, you do NOT need to pull the inner primary to swap out the STATOR. Hopefully you do not need to know that!!

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    Hey thanks, I hope you are right. If I do the stator, I will also replace the reg. Actually, what I really need is a good bike lift. Getting to old to roll around on the floor.
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    I replaced the starter about a year ago with an All Balls 1.4. I hope its not the starter, it was a (EDIT) to get out. I am going to assume it was the battery going to the big store in the sky. I have a small bike lift it just seems to be in the way most of the time with placement and straps. I was thinking about the table version. Bad back, bad knees and can't spell:D

    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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    Ha, yea it could be the starter, just hope it isn't. I had to remove the oil tank. I know you pros can do the starter without taking the tank off, I am just not that coordinated. I have to admit I do enjoy working on it, just not nearly as much as riding it. I always tell my friends that nobody is more surprised it went back together and worked than I am. There is just something about being able to work on it yourself that I like. Glad I don't have to do it for a living, I would starve. :D

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    HEY,,,,, 98fat.....


    IT is easy to do but TALKED ABOUT but no RESPONSE....

    what say you to OFF the derby cover and WIFF.