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  1. jetwrench

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    While doing the 5K service on my 08 1200 low I bought used with 3K on it 3 months ago. I pulled the air filter off and noticed dirt inside the filter on the plastic, throttle plate and intake walls. I then noticed the air filter gasket was missing. It doesn't appear it has been removed since install at the factory. I'm sure it's fine with low miles and such a small leak, but when it's basically new it really makes you mad!
    Goes to show if you roll a new bike off the show room floor it might not be a bad idea to buy a manual with it and do at least the 1K service even though it might only have 2 miles on it!
  2. jterby

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    Good point, man! I agree with you. I've found several issues on my nightster after dealer services. I do a lot of of my own inspections with the HD manual myself. Also, I've found this site invaluable for trouble shooting issues. There always seems to be several people who know just what's wrong & how to deal with it.

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    Best $60 I ever spent on the bike - use it all the time & great bathroom reading material too...;)
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    You have found why it is best to work on your own bike, as most of the maintenance with help of this site and manual is very straight forward. What peace of mind.....
  5. R. Lewis

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    Did you purchase the scoot from a dealer or a individual? Dealer - ask them to look up the service records ( if done at a HD shop ) Individual - find out what kind of service has been done. Since the bike had 3k miles on it when you bought it , it might have had the 500 , 1k service done. ?

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    Routine INSPECTION should be on the owner's list of things to do...that and a simple tool kit with HDTalking and MOCO Service Manual as references. If you choose to do SERVICE that is just icing on the cake, and a receipe to ensure more smiles per mile which is really key to your personal enjoyment.:)
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    The service manual is the first accessory i buy for every vehicle that i have owned
    It is always good to have the information you need at your finger tips

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    When buying a used bike from a dealer I would ask for the most current service record and ask to throw in a PDI or at least a check of the vitals JMO
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    I purchased it from a dealer on consignment, but I met the man who owned it, He said he did all the work on it, and he sold me the FSM for 20 dollars. I believe when he did the 1K he only pulled the ham can to see if the filter was dirty and it wasn't so he left it alone. I'm going to ask them about service records next time I'm down there, am I going to have to twist some arms to get them?
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    You shouldn't have to. Simply ask a parts counter person if they would run your v.i.n. number on their data base. If anything has been done through a stealership there will be a record of it on the database. They can also varify the original owner and date the bike was bought. I recently did this on my sporty and was able to verify mods and work done by the stealership.