BUBBIE changed his motor oil n filter..

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    Yesterday after a nice long ride, I realized I was closing in on 5,000 (4600) miles since I last change my engine oil and HD filter. Primary needed it too.

    New Filter; ......... opening the 4th quart of oil "First", fill filter, cap qt. and set remainder aside, using a little later for topping-off.
    I poured the new filter up to the top of the threads , finger around the gasket with fresh oil, I let filter sit upright until ready to install (5 min).
    The oil is mostly absorbed and I have no problem when turned 90* to install.. Careful and quick NO mess.

    I open the NEW 3 quarts and Pour all of it into the oil tank..calling for (3.5 wet fill)
    Start motor and idled for a minute.. Checking oil again showed it to be 1/2 inch lower than leaning Hot Full Mark

    I will add about 3 more oz. oil after HOT check, pouring from the forth qt. set aside.. Just a little 3-4 oz. at most..That will keep it 1/8 to1/4 inch below full HOT mark. Right where I run it.

    The amount of oil used is a Little less than the 3.5 quarts called for..Keeping the balance of the 4th quart for touch-ups when down just a little lower,,, Just My Way.

    Pouring the 3 quarts into the oil tank is an easy way to keep track of the amount to use and really no measuring or confusion How much did I put in???
    Motor oil drained along with the primary so it would be COLD sitting overnight.

    Collapsed the clutch cable.

    Wanting to see the clutch adjustment amount it had worn from previous adjustment... I took My method of holding the allen bolt with a long allen wrench going thru the long socket then clamp pliers Locked on socket, to turn the 11/16 lock nut out about 3 turns out, without moving the allen bolt or clutch..
    With the allen wrench, watch how far the clutch was turned in to touch. This tells you haw much out of adjustment it was.
    Mine was more than a full turn to touch original setting of Last time.

    The clutch cable had been adjusted twice since the last adjustment and fully collapsed again before this adjustment.

    This is the first time I could actually see the amount of wear at the clutch adjustment on my New bike from the first time set properly.
    (strong 1/2 turn of wear)

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    I guess I never thought of filling the filter first. But makes sense. Thanks

  3. geezer

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    You don't change the transmission oil at every oil change? (5000 miles)
  4. ahern25

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    Transmission or primary is not required according to my manual, but I did the 5000 mile service and replaced syc3 with mobile 1, redline for primary and transmission.
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    Very good write up as usual Bubbie, always glean some knowledge from you Great To have you here, at the BEST THE WEB has to offer BAR NONE, Capital Jack:s

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Thanks Jack.

    Glider has been a big help and does correct me from time to time:small3d023:.... Kinda like You, when he Threatens that Big Red Boo Boo Stick...:newsmile055:

    You know the one,,,Eh..

    Redline Like spectro would go 40,000 miles with out a problem. I'll change it JUST to Post No Metal on the plug..

    Those big gears Do Shear the molecules though on ANY gear lube.

  7. Trek

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    Thanks for the write up Bubbie. When was the last time you adjusted it? Is that a lot of wear for the clutch plates?
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    Thanks for the tip Bubbie. I just kind of guessed at how much oil I put into filter. Now I will pay attention and fill to top of threads.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Just up to the threads ONCE, don't dilly dally pouring over top, just pour Once as Twice will guarantee a Mess... Let it soak in.. No more

    I have enough oil after using the 3 quarts into the tank, plus That One filter fill to = 1/2 " low of full Hot mark..Hot it will take 3 oz More to top off to 1/8"-1/4" below the full hot mark. Just perfect for running.
    The Clutch ,say about 12,000 miles and no, not excessive wear, as it is a fine adjustment... Think about the thread size and a 1/2 turn wear? you can imagine it.. Not Much.. BUT a lot in the adjustment..
    So careful NOT to be Sloppy when doing this adjustment.. Accuracy is Very important..
    First good ride out today and What a difference... Nice and easy shifting.., and it was good fbefore.BUT way better after the "New Again Adjustment".. You'll never believe how much that Little adjustment makes When Done Right..

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  10. Porter

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    Great post Bubbie!
    I pretty much do it the exact same way (clutch and oil), although I was a bit more dorky with trying to educate myself on how much my clutch was wearing: I used a dial caliper to measure the difference in "threads/bolt remaining". No reason at all except to be geeky.

    I think a key phrase for newbies attempting a clutch adjustment:
    "So careful NOT to be Sloppy when doing this adjustment.. Accuracy is Very important.."

    Again: +/-1/4 turn from the reference point of "no free play" in the allen bolt makes a huge difference in how and when the clutch grabs.