BUB 7 Stealth thoughts?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by wv2wheel, Feb 17, 2010.

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    I may come up with some extra jingle and am planning on how I might spend it (most likely will wait for my 20k service interval mid summer) other than riding which I hope to do a lot of this year if the snow ever leaves. I am not a loud pipe believer or fan so for better breathing I am considering the BUB's as they are noise compliant but larger volume. Anyone running these? I have heard the sound clips and think they sound ok on a computer but havent heard them on a bike. Also thinking as I get some riding time about doing the progressive fork cartridge/spring update..thoughts on that?

    thanks guys, lots to learn for a new Harley rider...

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    I don't have Bubs on my bike, but check the warranty. I read on another forum Bubs have only 3 month warranty and some folks are seeing some small chrome issues w/in a yr (peeling inside of the end cap). Reinhart stopped using Bub last yr due to quality control issues I think. Others have Bub pipes and love them.

    V&H came out w/ EPA compliant pipes, so might help broaden the search for you.

    Vance Hines: Performance Exhaust Systems
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    I got the Bub 7 on mine and love them. Got them off ebay, they were seconds because they had a few swirl marks that you had to look really hard to see. Think I gave 350 for them.
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    Try looking here. Good luck!
    cvo harley and search bub stealth
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    Hobbit have you looked at the Caliber Pipes by Sampson?
    I have used them on my last 2 bikes. When my tuner tuned my Fatby he was surprised to see the numbers he got with the long pipes on it. Being a 4 stepped header pipe is gives you plenty of back pressure to the motor BEFORE the air travels down the pipe so it ROARS almost like fat drag pipes but you don't lose the torque in the process.

    If you get a chance to hear them, I recommend them highly! I will probably use these on any HD I ever own, used them on the last two with no chrome issues or fitment issues. I can't sa enough good things about them but they ain't cheap.
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    I recently installed Bub 7s and like them alot, I had screaming eagles, but wanted something a little louder, these fit my type of sound quality. by the way I had ordered rhineharts but they were on back order,right after I installed the Bubs ,the rhineharts arrived, thinking about selling them I never opened the box ,I am curious how they would sound on my 2004 Road king custom. Any one interested in buying the rhineharts?
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    email me or PM me and we can talk about taking those Rineharts off your hands