Broken Timing Sensor Plate Screw

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    Well, I did it today.

    I was working on my timing and walla... broke the left sensor plate screw off flush with the plate.... now many of you know I'm in China... drilling out the broken part and re-taping the hole and puting in a new screw is not a problem but as you know the "sensore plate screw" is also the receiver for the cover plate screw so for now I'm feeling the shaft.

    Any suggestions?

    I am attaching a picture of the area so one can see the screw....

    Camshaft Sensor Plate.jpg

    Cheers and Thanks!

    Also, if someone would be kind enough to tell me where I can order these things and have them express mailed to me I would be so grateful... a tad bit over sized would be great so if I mess up getting the broken piece out I can tap for the new size.

    Also another picture of the screws...

    Camshaft Sensor Plate 2.jpg

    Thank You!
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    C'est la vie!! But, do not drill out the screw. If it sheared off flush with the plate, remove the plate and get the remaining part of the screw out of there without changing the threads in the nose cone. Order a replacement sensor plate screw (actually, order a couple). Find another screw to use to secure the sensor plate while you are waiting on the new one to get there and clear customs.

    "Glue" the timing cover in-place temporarily with some silicone. This is only while you wait for the screws to arrive. Once they arrive, carefully open up the cover, clean off the residual silicone, replace the screws and mount the covers properly!!


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    The harley dealer is probably going to be the only place to get them and as far as over sized, I don't think that's going to happen. May have to change the nose cone if the hole is too badly mangled or tap it and use a larger bolt but the provision for the cover attachment would not work then. If there was the original pop rivets holding the cover on, then you should be able to retap and go for a bigger bolt and reattach the cover with the pop rivets again.
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    Did the screw break when you were tightning it or removing it.If it broke when you were tightning it it will most likely turn out
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    An option might be to use a longer stud that is completely threaded....may have to cut the head off a screw/bolt that size......
    Run the stud into the hole and secure the plate with a nut.
    Make the stud long enough to extend thru the outer cover and secure it with another nut.
    Won't be the best looking fix, but it would keep you on the road till you can get the right part.
    You should be able to order the correct piece from any of the dealers who sell thru the internet....Zanottis, Chicago HD, Zales HD all come to mind.
    As far as getting an oversize might have to have one made...or helicoil the hole to return to the stock size
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    Wow... thanks so much for the quick replies! Wow!

    I have been looking for a place who will do mail order but so far haven't found one... anyone have a suggestion for a source? Would sure help!

    Again, Thanks!

    I was tightening it so I will try to get it out tomorrow!


    Meantime, I have been on the Internet for at least five hours searching for the screws and so far I have had ZERO success.

    I have run accross what seems to be "after market" ignition systems. Is there a recomendation for a complete ignition system change out I might consider? My ride is a 1998 Softail Springer, 80 Cube, V-Twin. (The cover plate was attached with what appears to be the original rivets so the system is for now, for sure stock OEM.

    Thank you for any response!
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    Did you check Biker Bob's, Zanotti's and Latus HD?

    The electronic ignitions will give you more options to control the ignition system. Does not change your problem, since they still have stuff in the nose cone.

    If you absolutely can not find someone that will mail order to you with a credit card, then pm me. Will get the screws to you. In the mean time, just get it running and glue the cover on with silicone as mentioned above.

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    You are far too kind. Thank you so much for your offer. I am quite sure that I will find some shop who will ship to me. If worse comes to worse I will call on you but meantime I am so impressed with your kind offer.

    I have written to Zanoti's and Chicago HD. I will now send a duplicate request to Biker Bob's and Latus.

    Thank you so much for your help!

    Thank You...

    Thank you Danger Dan.

    You are right on! Those are the correct screws for my model. I have sent them an email as well to see if they have them in stock and will ship to China.

    Thank you so much!
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    J - Harley Catalog

    page 272 part # 3800245 3.99 set

    Hey and I have to ask how cool is it to ride in China? What's that like?