Broken rear swing arm

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by wannaride, Sep 11, 2011.

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    Rear swing arm broke again so going to machine a different piece to weld on. Noticed it today when I went to take the rear tire off to change it. I had the bags off not even a week ago & it was fine, I think it was when I hit a huge pot hole when it broke. My rear tire was bald & had a spot where the belts were coming through so it was time for a new tire. Was thinking of going with a Night Dragon but just could not afford it this time so I found a Dunlop for 118.00 out the door. Need to machine the slot where the axle goes through so I won't get that done until Monday. Will take some pics as I go along.

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    If I were you, this being the second time it broke I think I would replace it. The metal in the heat affected zone of the weld is probably fatigued and likely to break again.
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    I would rethink what your about to do. Beginning with riding on bald tires with the belts coming through.
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    Have to agree there completely. I wouldn't ride with a repaired swingarm to save money. My life is worth more than the cost of a swingarm and especially a bald tire with the cord coming through.
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    If hitting a pot hole would break swing arm then how did wheel escape damage? Excessive burn outs causing wheel to hop broke swingarm????
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    I agree with the above post. You really need to rethink your position on safety. With only two tires to keep you in contact with the road the safety of you and your passenger as well as the vehicles around you it is important to maintain your bike. This means replacing worn or broken parts. If you're finances keep you from making repairs and replacing parts the bike should be parked untill you can afford to replace these worn out parts!!! Not only do you need to replace the swingarm you must also inspect the swing arm bushing/bearing!!! With all the damage to the swingarm I would also be thinking of replacing the drive belt.
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    No burn outs here. This pot hole was big & deep. Happened at a stop sign & behind a car so when the car pulled away from the stop sign the car staddled the pothole & I started to pull forward as the car left, so I did not see it. I was two up & it hit hard. As for the tire, I went & got a new one as stated in my first post, "Dunlop for 118.00 out the door". When I saw that there were cords showing I did stop riding. When I welded it before I put some strap on the top & bottom. This time I am going to go on the top side wrapped down on the side & then a lower side strap. The plates should be long enough to get into better metal. I am also going a little thicker metal. As for not repairing it & parking it until I have the $$'s, just not going to happen. I have been checking into going to an 2002 & newer rear swing arm conversion, but may be out of my price range for the moment. Plus I am not sure of what all I need to do the conversion. Since it would be going to a 1" axle vs the 3/4", will I need to go with a different wheel? I know the pivot bushings are different but there are company's out there that have conversion bushings available. So I might just get a piece here & there until I have the parts & then replace it.


    That is also good advice & when I go (which may be some time) with a swing arm upgrade I will more than likely go to the narrower belt if I have to change out the wheel.
    I am just surprised that both times this arm has broken that I did not notice any adverse affects.

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    Hi Toby
    I put on a 2002-up swingarm on my old scoot last winter. I went with machining up the tranny to make the larger pivot axle fit as I had my tranny out to change the guts to a 6-speed anyway. Alternatively, CCE makes a conversion kit with smaller bore spherical bearings, etc that will make your original pivot axle fit.

    I also got hold of a 2007 rear wheel, pulley, and belt (1") that made a 150 tyre just fit (Avon 150 x 80)...
    This coupled to my main winter project - assembling an S&S 96 cuin engine with a fairly aggressive cam (N72) - and new brakes & rotors makes the old thing behave like an overweight sportsbike - plenty of fun!
    She now sits tightly in turns, and tracks like a Sportster. Not only does the 'new' swingarm accommodate the vastly improved spherical bearings and larger axles, but the swingarm itself is much sturdier as well. It would take a lot to break that thing...
    Final note: I did not spend a lot of money on the rear end as I've been collecting good, used parts off eBay over some time, and did all work myself (except machining the tranny). Some people don't like eBay but if you know what you need/want and you are patient, you can make some good deals there...
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    Some thing is not right there. I would not repair a broken swing arm being this is the second time. I would check where the swing arm connects to the frame and check for straightness and also at the shock attachment points. Be careful and ride safe.
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    These guys are looking out for your best interest, Please take what they say to heart, we dont want to see you get yourself and others hurt. Good Luck