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    Ok, I am sure that somewhere on this forum there is a great discussion on this, but after a couple ours of searching (of course I meant working, yes, I was hard at work all day today, and if I keep saying that even I might start to believe it!) I couldn't find anything, so i'll just ask.

    I have an 01 EGS with some warped rotors. Add to that mix the fact that it's got a 125 and i can easily pull the front end up going 50, and I figure I should get some 'better than stock' brakes. So i downloaded the info on how to put the brembo brakes on, walked into the Harley dealer and told them what I wanted. They rang it all up, and $3800 later I decided that I should go a different route. Anybody got and decent ideas for how to get a little better stopping power for not too much money? The dealer suggested just going with some stock Harley pads and swapping out to full floating rotors. Anybody have any better ideas?
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    maybe some 6 piston calipers from performance machine ?? and Full floating rotors
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    Being I also ride a Hayabusa I know I have to have good stopping power
    I switch to EBC sintered friction pads and found out a big increase in stopping
    power. Check out their site here

    EBC Brakes - Brakes for Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks and SUV

    careful if you go with these because you have to get use to the difference
    in how you brake. They warn to
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    I installed Brembo large diameter full floating discs, Brembo differential bore calipers and Russell steel braided lines on my 2008 Street Glide. This improved the braking significantly considering the weight of the bike, usually requiring only one or two finger braking. However, as you indicated the cost was quite high almost 4K.

    My recommendation is do your research, as there are numerous aftermarket break component manufacturers providing a wide range of high quality / reasonably priced products such as Performance Machine, Hawg Halter Inc, Russell, J-Brake, etc.

    Also, compare pricing on line and try to get your hands on a J&P Cycles or Drag Specialities catalog as you can see exactly whats available.

    Good brakes provide piece of mind on the road..... Good Luck.

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    Hobbit hit the nail on the head, just don't forget sheathed/stainless brake lines (smaller diameter, rigid walls) and of course quality matching pads to mate with those floating rotors to complete the package. Judicious shopping and research will help you find the best combination/price points to boot.:s