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    im haveing a problem that maybe someone can help with and it has me baffled. the brake light on my 1992 flhtc stopped working,well when i check it with the test light it will come on when pressing the brakes but will not work with the bulb and i have tried several bulbs,next i tried another brake light assembly and still have the same problem, so my next step is i remove the tail light assembly and test with test light to bare wires,and get the same results therefor telling me that after two differant assemblys something other is wrong then i tried touching the bare wires on the bulb it self and only taillight comes on but no brake light. i hope that someone out there can help me with this because it has me very confused
  1. Harttoo

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    Check for damaged wiring under the fender.
  2. gator508

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    As Hartoo said, check the wires under the rear fender.

    My buddy's softail had a similar problem and he had to replace the wiring board in the taillight assembly. Good luck!
  3. dbmg

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    Also check, sometimes the spring under center of socket sticks and does not make a good contact on bulb.
  4. PA 58

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    most of the time it is the ground . might need to check that, mine was the tail light and not the brake light . cleaned the socket real good and v'wala