brake bleeding problem

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by harleyrider64, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. harleyrider64

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    I've bled the front brakes on my 2000 road king at least 6-8 times. Both the old fashioned way, pump and hold the handle and using a vacuum tool. Works great until thenext day then no brake ,handle goes right to throttle grip. Bleed and I get air, replaced bleed valves and banjo o rings. Where is the air getting into the system? No leaks noted
  2. rydahog

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    This is what i did, i had a hand pump with the brake fluid and clear hose, and i connected it to the Caliper bleed valve, and pushed the fluid up to the reservoir area, after doing that both sides i also had no brake, then i re-hooked up the hose again to the calipers and then squeezed the brake lever and lo and behold the air bubbles came out, now i have brakes. hope that helps.
    p.s. its a slow process as i am sure you know, if possible 2nd person or long hose so you can look at the reservoir area as you pump fluid up.
  3. glider

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    Time to rebuild the master cylinder. It's not holding pressure.
  4. 2000classic

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    Would agree with Glider. Bleeding brakes should not be that much trouble. Generally when something does not seem right, it's not! JMO.:)