Braided clutch cable

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by slayer, Mar 28, 2011.

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    Just going over my new ride and noticed the clutch cable which is braided, has a metal spiral cover over it. (only on the bottom half, and is about 10" long) First of all the cable moves very stiffly when the bars are cranked side to side but the big concern is this spiral cover is wearing on the brake line. I am tempted to cut this spiral thing off as it seems to serve no purpose. Then I think I will have to secure the cable with some tie wraps or something.
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    I would drop $60 on a new one and ride with confidence all year, and next year, and several years after that... You'll need a quart of trany oil and a side plate gasket. And you might as well do the primary oil and adjust the clutch while you are at it.
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    There is clips available to secure the cable to the tree, they are even chromed too. I believe they are called "P" clips. I used it on my RK and it works nice but make sure to get the right size for the braided cable, they come for stock or braided cables.

    It's shown here in the center picture on the right.

    Page 396 of Harley Davidson of the catalog 2010 Genuine Motor Accessories & Genuine Motor PArts