Boudreaux gets a shave

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    Boudreaux enters Thibodeaux's barbershop for a shave.
    > While Thibodeaux is foaming him up, Boudreaux mentions
    > the problems he has getting a close shave around the cheeks.
    > Thibodeaux said, "Mais, I'm got just the ting", taking a
    > small wooden ball from a nearby drawer. "Just place dis between your
    > cheek and gum."
    > Boudreaux places the ball in his mouth, and Thibodeaux
    > proceeds with the closest shave Boudreaux has ever experienced.
    > After a few strokes, Boudreaux asks, "Thib, what if I swallow
    > dis ball?"
    > "No problem," says Thibodeaux. "Jus do like everyone
    > else. Bring it back tomorrow!"
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    One day, Boudreaux goes in the barber shop and tells Thibodeaux, “Me, I got a crick in my neck and it hurts like (EDIT) …”
    Thibodeaux says, “When I get a crick in my neck, I lay my neck right between my wife’s legs for a while and dat crick, it goes away tout suite.”
    Boudreaux says, “I got to try dat and see if it works for me so I’m gonna see you later.” And he leaves.
    After a couple of hours, Boudreaux comes back so Thibodeaux asks him, “How your neck feels now?”
    Boudreaux says, “Mon ami, I want to thank you, dat trick you taught me worked like a charm so my neck is good as new – and by the way, you really have a nice house….”

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