bottoming out ? scraping noise on lowered FLHTC

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by wheelie, Jul 22, 2009.

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    what exactly is the rubbing/scraping noise you hear when hitting a large bump on a lowered electraglide . Ive had 2 of them and they both made the same sound, cant see that its bottoming anywhere , no marks on the tire ? is it the belt hitting the primary cover or swingarm or what exactly is it ???? you can feel it in the seat of the pants a little , it sounds like a belt or tire scraping ???? 05' electraglide lowered 1 1/2" with o lowering kit tha lets the bottom shock bolt mount lower ( still using stock shocks )
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    might want tto take a look at the belt guard.
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    Am willing to bet,your rubbing on the metal brace,under the fender,that is mounted to the two 5/16" studs,under your seat, i to lowered my 05 rg,and before changing out the 5wt oil in the rear shocks to 15wt,would rub hard,also i put on a set of street glide 12" shocks with the one inch lowering kit,what a mistake,back to the 13" shocks with the one inch lowering kit,and with the 15wt oil,in the rear shocks,with two up and a tour pack,am only putting in 15 lbs of air,and the ride is great,no rubbing !! :)

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    May want to check the underside of your fender...the tire may be rubbing against the tail light wiring loom, metal bracket hardware for seat, tail light and reinforcement stays. Check clearance with hand and flashlight and look for evidence of scraping, and then look at the belt drive, guards and may have to pull the pully cover and primary counter sprocket at the engine/tranny junction to check the belt path for rubbing or shiny spots.