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    Thinking ahead to warmer weather and looking into something to wear that gives more protection than a standard pair of jeans.

    I went through this same thought process last year about this time and ended up buying a nice pair of textile, armored pants with removable liners for cold and/or wet weather. They're really nice but they're a bit of a pain to put on and take off all the time and they don't exactly fit the Harley image we all know and love!

    I know leathers offer the best protection but they're just too hot for summer riding.

    So, I'm looking for something that can be worn while riding AND while off the bike at meal time or just walking around. Pretty much narrowed it down to a pair of Draggin' jeans or the Bohn armored liner worn under my regular jeans.

    Anyone using either of these products? How are they for comfort? Too hot when the temps really start going up? Sizing run pretty true?

  2. Breeze3at

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    A friend of mine used to wear Draggin jeans all the time. They seemed to fit well (I wouldn't admit to really checking out the fit of another mans jeans).
    The only thing noticeable was a bit of a stiff look in the knee area when he was standing. Kind of like those double knee jeans some of us had as kids.
    I lived in FL then, and he didn't complain about them being hot.
  3. jimmydsmith7

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    Dont know about Bohn product, but I wear Draggin Jeans when I ride. I went down wearing a pair last year, let me tell you, THEY WORK AS AVERTISED!
    The jean material was gone, but the kevlar panels worked, saved my knee and my (EDIT) ... literally.
    Insurance paid to fix bike and bought me a new pain of jeans as well as the Joe Rocket jacket that I was wearing.

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  4. dbmg

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    I have Fieldsheer and Icon jeans. The Icon has vents in the knees. I enjoy wearing both pairs and have no problem in hot weather. Would like to try a pair of Diamond Gusset jeans if I ever wear out the jeans I have.
  5. karlsbike

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    I use Draggin' Jeans for those hot summer days, and CE armoured textile when it's not.
    I like them - good fit, and they look like jeans (they are jeans;). Some stiching above/below the knee area to hold the kevlar in place, but they feel just like a pair of ordinary jeans - except a bit thicker due to the soft kevlar.
    Sizing is normal, but you could go up one size for comfort.
    Jimmy: Yours is the first non-advertising report I've read of anyone having gone down wearing a pair. I'm glad it went well for several reasons!

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Actually the question of jeans came up when I just picked up a Cortech Denim jacket that has CE armour in the elbows, shoulders and back...on sale for less than $15 clearanced (a special order not picked up) and was told by my "fashion" GEN-X daughter "--matching jeans were NOT COOL." :hii

    So I guess I will do as Dr.D eluded to: Get a black pair of Dragg'in jeans if I'm to see my grandkids again and still meet her "fashioneesta" standards :s...!

    Otherwise all H-D black leather is the only alternative...Us H-D guys gotta hold the line here! :D
  7. YnotBiker

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    I got Bohn armor 3 years ago, but didn't wear them much. Then I found some great leather pants on eBay at the store "leather Paradise". They call them "NAKED LEATHER JEAN STYLE MOTORCYCLE BIKER PANTS W/ARMOR" for $110 USD. (Much cheaper than the Bohn.) They look like jeans made of thick quality leather. They are way better than chaps. The armor was really stiff, so I put the Bohn armor in the knees, but there was no where for the hip armor to go. The best part is the large vent at the knee, it feels like I'm wearing short pants with extra weight--I don't get hot in them while riding. They will get hot on warm windless days for walking around. The only problems were the pockets were too small (I got a hole in one) and the waist button fell off so I paid a real tailor to fix it. I get lots of compliments when I wear them, which is mostly on long and cold rides. Every time I think I'll need them, I don't hesitate to put them on. The store is located in Los Angeles, but the leather has a tag that says it is from Pakistan.
  8. fin_676

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    Most of the time i wear cordura textile trousers with ce armour in cold weather the quilted liner is fitted when it is hot i open the vent zips and let the air through and they are waterproof which is great as we get a lot of rain here
    i havent wore my leather gear for about 5 years there just seems to be too much rain