Bluetooth Compatibility - Anyone know how?

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    Ok folks, here's the deal. I swapped in my 07 UC for a 12 UC. The problem is I left the Bluetooth Cell Phone Interface module (p/n 76408-06) in the old bike as it would have been a (EDIT) to remove and I don't know if it would be compatible to the 12's HK radio (although I doubt anything is different). The Bluetooth module is obsolete and cannot be found ANYWHERE! (It was way overpriced anyway.)
    What I would like to know is if ANY manufacturer has made and offers a Bluetooth module that is HARLEY SPECIFIC and interfaces the HK Advanced Audio system to bluetooth helmet headsets. I want to be able to interface a Bluetooth Helmet headset with the am/fm stereo / cd player / cb / intercom / weather radio and eliminate the corded connection for both myself and my passenger, as well as allow bluetooth connectivity to my cell phone and GPS/NAV thru the system as well. Too much to ask? I figure we have a dynamite stereo...adapt it to bluetooth technology and bring it into the new era.

    Please read this...
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    Scala Rider Bluetooth Headsets | Küryakyn
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    Thanks Jack, but those type units are becoming a dime a dozen. They give bluetooth INTERCOM capability between riders and allow phone / GPS Nav pairing but do nothing with the rest of the capabilities of the HK Advanced Audio. Great for a sportbike rider or even a cruiser rider without an audio system on their bike.

    Basically, what I am looking for is something that turns the entire existing motorcycle sound system into a low-power bluetooth tranciever that you can pair a wireless headset, cell phone and GPS to. Maybe a pair of dongles that would plug into the headset jacks on the bike and a headset/cell phone/GPS Nav could pair to the dongle. That way you could still use the CB radio (which I use a lot on group rides or to talk to my fellow truckers on the road) or listen to a CD, the Weather Radio, or the AM/FM wirelessly. I am not going to pay $200 - $300 for a wireless intercom when HK has already provided me with a pretty nice one except that it needs a wire.

    I think Harley was on the right track with the ADVANCED AUDIO HANDS FREE PHONE INTERFACE KIT ( ). It did pair up with my cell phone and I vaguely remember one time it paired with my TomTom. (I forgot to plug it into the audio in jack with a patch cord but started hearing voice directions through my helmet headset.) Now if it could pair with a Bluetooth helmet headset as well, they'd be in business. Why they discontinued it is beyond me, other than it was ridiculously expensive just to pair a phone to your HK sound system, but I know that you can't seem to find one anywhere. I regret not tearing mine out of my old bike now. With the advance of technology, it seems that it could be produced now for a MUCH lesser cost.

    Could you imagine the number of touring bike riders out there that would be all over something like that? Harley, Honda, Kawasaki, BMW...all of them.

    Oh...and sorry for the slip up in my original post folks. I hope I didn't offend anyone.
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    Nope. That won't do it.
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    I may be just too old school, but why do you ride. Taking all this tech junk along seems like a real pain. I never knew a biker to be lost so long as there was gas available, so no need for a tomtom. If I wanted to talk to people I'd ride over to see them. All this stuff is just another distraction and another opportunity to wreck your day.JMHO......
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    Well, thanks for your opinion. I, however, prefer to have some options on my bike as apparently do you, riding an EVO. My preferred options happen to be a GPS that has pointed out quite a few neat things to see that otherwise I would have been unaware of. A phone, to me, is a good option, not that I ride around all the time talking on it but to have the ability to be contacted by friends and family is a preference that I have. If I didn't want to ride with technology, I would have stayed with one of the many other bikes I had before, 2 bikes ago, I chose to buy an Ultra and not ride a bobber. Different strokes for different folks.

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    Jim, have you tried talking to Harmon Kardon company tech person regarding this. In this day and age the integration of BlueTooth via single device is the type of stuff that make Apple APs what it is today. Who would have imagined that a 42" Flatscreen HDTV would sell for $199...?!

    I am almost positive HK is working on this "seamless" integration stuff...the technology has already been incorporated into the cellphone (i.e. Android/Google and Apple) so HK cannot be far behind...(only because motorcycle technology always lags cutting edge stuff) and no your question regarding tech stuff is not "impossible" or "impractical"...just that GoldWing Touring riders are more into tech stuff than H-D Touring riders...just because...(no slam on us lovers of H-D...just a fact that metric riders embrace technology quickly).
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    I've tagged this string and am also interested in each idea and response, and like jimharvey1 am interested in having the available option to communicate while out on the road away from home on road trips, with those traveling with us, or whatever. I love the solitude and time to reflect on the beauty that is always in my sight, but it is also reassuring to know I can be contacted if need be.

    p.s. jimharvey1...sorry for lurking silently in the background and making you do all the leg work on this string, but that's also another benefit of being a member of a forum. Anyway...thanks!
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    Don't know if this is what you are askin.
    But I had somebody to post this for me.

    There is a Harley/Goldwing adapter, It will plug into where a headset goes

    I plan on using the back one that would be for the passenger and running into the tourpac

    Harley / Goldwing Headset Adapter


    Then you can get a clear sound bluetooth , this will plug into the adapter. Now you have stereo coming out the headphone jack into a bluetooth device and you can take a bluetooth headset and pair into it. NEW Stereo TV Transmitter/Bluetooth Dongle (Special Needs Products): Office Products