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Discussion in 'Classic Models' started by Fossil, Oct 2, 2009.

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    I have the stock Harley Road King style windshield on my 1988 FLHS. The old time Harley Electra and Duo Glides could come with the lower half tinted to match the color of the bike. Due to my limited funds do any of you have any ideas on how I could tint the lower part of my stock HD winshield a blue color? Fossil
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    Go to a window tinting shop and ask them for a small amount of blue tint,cut it the way you want then apply it.Only takes water and a cloth and small plastic squeegee to apply. You can use a small bodyfiller applicator for this it is only to get the trapped water and air out from between the windshield and tinting film. I have done it on glass,plastic,acrylic and lexan and it works quite well.
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    Thanks Steve02 I did stop at a window tinting place here in my small town. They claimed it wouldn't work on plexiglass. I informed them that I had Lexan and they still insisted that it wouldn't work. When asked if they had any blue they said no so that is why I came to this forum. I will go over to Pensaola and see if I can find some there. Thanks again. Fossil
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    They're full of it, Fossil. Find another window shop.
    Friend of mine did the windshield of his Glide, after he shortened it, and it was on there for several years. Matter of fact, the folks he bought the tint from even put it on for him.
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    When you get the tint on the windshield let it dry real good and then lightly coat / seal the edges with clear fingernail polish. This will help insure the tint won't start peeling off.