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    I wanted to share a my findings on a headlight fuse problem I was having on my 2002 Ultra. For two weeks in a row, after riding on wet roads or riding through wet grass, I was blowing the headlight fuse on my scoot, I went through the switches, under the fairing & finally found the culprit under the front fender. I had evidently lost/broke a wire clip that keeps the wire going to the fender light tight against the fender; everything was fine until the tire got wet, then I would blow a fuse. Like most problems, fixing something in the rain is never any fun, if I had known it was this wire I would have just disabled it and reconnected it when I got home. It's hard to see without the bike being on a lift, but if it's like mine, I was able to feel it (one of the strands of copper had seperated & it actually pricked my finger) which led me to the problem. You have to remove the front tire to fix it, but not really a difficult task.

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    Glady you found the problem. It's a very common problem in the baggers with the fender tip light.

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    Thanks Nitro, I know this will help members out there like me who chringe every time something electrical goes wrong.
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    Great link Glider, all good places to look, I was headed for the rear fender after checking out the front, but never had to get that far!