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    I just came back from Laughlin, talked to someone that said had after maket kit to stop blow by from my bike< 2001 Electra Classic with 40,000 miles> Dealer says all bikes do it, use HD oil, seems if run over 80 mph, or about every 1000 miles need to clean filter, has k&n filter 2 stage, just wanted to see what others thought
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    Dealer doesn't know dirt. Not ALL bikes have blow-by. I have an 03 Ultra with 50,000 miles and I've never had any blow-by. Sorry, don't have a solution other than your dealer is feeding you a line...!

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    the bottom end is displacing as much in the bottom end as in the cylinder, piston ring blow by isnt the main cause of the oil in the air filter, different air cleaners rout the breather to different areas so the dont always have the same amount of oil in the filter, but most of the oil is bottom end breathing carrying out oil vapour, different backing plates for the air cleaner may reduce oil draining down into the filter, but an easy way to tell if the rings are leaking is to do a leak down test.
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    Another thing to check is the oil pump alignment. If the pump isn't aligned perfectly you will get more oil gathering in the cam case which will eventually find it's way into the vent system. I also had a problem with excessive oil usage which I traced back to the breather vent system on a SE filter assy. The older style that had the chrome crossover tube. The breather bolts were both plugged so tight, I was unable to clean them out even with a small drill bit. I ended up replacing both and oil consumption went back to normal.