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  1. gonzor26

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    hello all,
    I need help, this morning on my way to work my right blinker wouldn't blink it just stayed solid my left worked fine but then when I went and hit both buttons to turn on my hazards the right blinker started blinking fine...then hit the right blinker again and it just stayed solid again, not sure why so could it be my bulb? or my module??? any help pls thanks so much
  2. Jeff Klarich

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    Front back or both?
  3. Bodeen

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    Pull the bulbs on the right side. Inspect, dielectric grease, and reinstall. Buy a pack of replacements if that doesn't work. Sounds like a bad connection in the socket or a bad bulb.
  4. gusotto

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    If it's a bad bulb, that can be determined by simply swapping left to right.
    If the trouble follows the bulb to the other side, then you know it's the bulb.

    I prefer to keep the original parts on the bike until it has been proven the part is bad.

    Someimes a "new" part can be defective and it screws up the trouble-shooting.

    I just bought a pack of 4-bulbs and two were bad from the start.
  5. fin_676

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    Turn signal module monitors the amount of load drawn by the bulbs if there is insufficient load then the unit will not flash
    When the hazard lights function there is a load being drawn by both sides and therefore enough load to operate the flash
    Bulbs need to draw 21 watts if replaced by led bulbs a load equaliser needs to be fitted in the system to make up for the low power draw of led bulbs
    Some led bulbs have a built in load equaliser to raise the power drawn and so operate the system
    So insufficient power draw caused by a bad bulb / bad load equaliser would be my first guess