Blew my upgrade budget for this winter :)

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  1. Dan.1977P

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    I was saving up to get all the parts I needed to do a 98" build this winter. I got the chance to get on our Search and Rescue team out here and one requirement is a 4wd vehicle so I found a 91 Cherokee for $750 with only 120k miles on the engine. She needs some love before I can get to lifting her and putting some 33's on but these things are diamonds in the rough. The 4.0L HO I6 is generally bomb proof as long as you maintain it and with about $2k in parts for the lift (including tires and wheels) and some extra to fix any neglected parts, this thing can almost go hang with the rock crawlers down in Moab.
    I'll have to wait till next year to upgrade the bike but it will be worth it and with the culture we have around here for wheeling, I can probably flip it if I realize I really want a CJ instead of the XJ.

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  2. jamesearl

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    yeah,that straight 6 is pretty indestructible.
  3. Dan.1977P

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    This this for what it will be after I'm done. Simple and cheap.

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  4. Jack Klarich

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    Nice find, check the track rod for side play it will keep the wheels from wobbling:s
  5. gator508

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    $750, wow that's good if you don't put a whole lot into it. I've seen several of these in the mud bogs in our neck of the woods, as you sais the engine is like a tank if you just change the oil. Nice!