Billet brake Pedal install

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Bud White, Jan 5, 2009.

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    Well i got motivated today and did a few things ..

    This one is a Pain and i mean pain did i say a pain. I would guess right off the top of my head hour to hour and a half to install.. I also understand why Glider said he wanted to hear how the pin went.

    Let me also say the instructions from HD are Junk .. useless . Waste of time to read.. Can ya tell i don't like them ??they don't tell ya to take off as much as you need to.

    Here is a good pic or as good as i can get of the pin


    This is trapped between the floor board the front header pipe and master cylinder and of course the frame .. To say a bear to get off is putting it mildly
    I bent them straight and then cut open the looped end when i figured i couldn't get it out the easy way .. Finally i got it out time spent probably all of 30-40 mins ..

    So after that i removed the nut and bolt.


    then tried to remove the Break Pedal the way it says to twist counter clockwise and slide off .. Well here is where the instructions leave you in the Dark Guess what you can't get the piece of the pedal that hooks to the master cylinder past the pipe or floorboards ..

    So i removed the floor board and twisted the back mount backwards to clear the break pedal arm. Plenty of room now


    This shows reinstalled pedal i ended up loosing the master cylinder to make reinstall of the pin a lot easier what a pain in the rear that was. this is the pic while reinstalling the pin ..

    Here she is all back together


    You better be dang sure you want to do this before you start. I would have got more pics if i could have but what could i really show .. Hopefully if some one decides to do this my advice on what else to take off will help..

    If you were changing the head pipes this would be the time to do it for sure.