Bill and Sharon's 2011 Roadtrip.

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    Ok, so we pulled out of Lake City, Fl at 8 am yesterday with the intention of having dinner in Gatlinburg, Tn, but as plans usually do that didn't happen. We had a fantastic ride following 441 all the way, the scenery was great as was the weather (with the exception of the heat), we had a couple of little mists which was a welcome relief but no real rain. Got into Cherokee, NC and had dinner and was hoping for a coctail but found out that Cherokee is dry so proceeded to Maggie Valley where we spent the night. Motel is great, our room overlooks a whitewater creek, the conversation was great and seeing fireflys brought me back to an earlier time.
    Today we're going to hit the Blue Ridge Parkway and travel north, no additional destinations in mind, just see the country, get some great pix and enjoy 2 weeks of freedom. Only got a couple of pictures yesterday and currently can't get them downloaded, hope for some great shots today with an earlier finish so we can share some of our experiences with ya'll.
    I'm not a great orator but hope that some of our travels will be enjoyed as I have so many others.:bigsmiley23:
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    Thanks for sharing. All of us here on HD Talking will look forward to your adventure. Ride safe.
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    Glad to here you having a great time. Sharing stories like yours intice people to get out and ride or bring back memories of a similar ride. If time, check out Skyline Dr. And may you continue to make many miles of smiles on this trip...:)
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    Thanks for sharing and glad you are having a great time sometimes the best trips are when you have to be anywhere you end up under no time restraints :21:enjoy
  5. Trek

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    Looking forward to pics and hearing about your travels. My family and I just left Gatlinburg about 3 weeks ago. First time we have been there, beautiful country I just wish I had my bike with me then. Always next time. Safe travels.
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    Ok, day two, got up and watched the stream outside our room, finally got on the road about 9am, rode the BRP til I saw a sign that said Gatlinburg and the taste of No Way Jose's Chicken tamles came from deep in the memory so across the mountain we went, the better half enjoyed her birthday meal, ok, a day late but I did deliver!, the promised chicken tamale and we were not disappointed, just as good as last year, so now to the unbridled trip, left Gatlinburg on 441N, coming into Knoxville temperatures were 91 and HOT, for those who haven't been to Knoxville it a big, ok I'll behave. I tried various routes for 2 hours trying to get north of Knoxville and finally got to the NE corner (still in Knoxville I learned upon stopping) about an hour S of Kentucky. We've stopped for the night, a dip in the pool and hot tub and we both feel better. Tomorrow it's north and east, Niagra Falls isn't out of the question but think we'll just follow the front tire and make some memories.:bigsmiley23:
    Photo 1 is the whitewater creek outside our room day one, Photo 2 forgive the male portion for there is no help for him, but us at the NC/TN line, 3 is Clingmonds dome, didn't go all the way up due to thin air and so many clouds that there was no view the last photo, taken by my co-pilot (aka: Better Half) is construction equipment found in a turn going through the mountain.
    Til the morrow,let there be no sorrow.

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  7. marcus22

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    think we'll just follow the front tire and make some memories.:bigsmiley23:

    I love that. thank you for sharing your adventure with us. it looks like you are having a great time.
  8. kemo

    kemo R.I.P

    Bill, if you are going to N/F would like to met your wife and you. Send me a p/m and I will give you my phone numbers. We are only 3 miles off the #401 and about 3 hours from the falls.
  9. Backroad Rider

    Backroad Rider Active Member

    So, today we get up in NE Knoxville, jump on the freeway to Tn Hwy 61, go east, man what a ride, twisties and minor curves sweet ride and the scenery couldn't be beat. Went through a massive tunnel and wound up at the Cumberland Gap in Kentucky and from tere wound up in Manchester, Ky where we had lunch, ok so BK wasn't my first choice but had to have food, jumped on 80 and 24 and wound up in pikeville, Ky, was hearing all kinds of advertisements for Pikeville HD on the radio and was looking to speak with someone there regarding interesting spots in the area, after 20 minutes with no one acknowledging our presense we left. Spending the night at the landmark inn in Pikeville, great food and the bartender couldn't be nicer....Recommended 23 south to 460E for tomorrow with a stop at the state park for lunch, will definately have to consider this.....Guy's the scenery in the mountains is to dream of, we've been above the clouds, had nothing more than sprinkles of rain and open road, this, so far, is one for the story books.

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    Sounds like a great time Bill. How do you plan to go North and East? I live by I-81 near Winchester VA if you want to ride for a bit. Also on your way back through, little sturgis in Apple Mountain starts next week. Google it. Good time but a little crowded. PM me if you ride through the area or need a hand with anything. Be safe.