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Discussion in 'Oil' started by marknett, Jan 18, 2012.

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    I've done business with the Co. and they have always sent exactly what their ad says. But not knowing what brand of Lubs. their sending would make me wonder what I was getting. I try not to skimp on the life blood of my motor, or the filter.
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    Unless I lived somewhere that it was a MAJOR inconvenience to go out and get my own lubes and filters, I don't think I would go this route. You'll find most of our forum members are extremely picky about what goes in and on our bikes!
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    I just did a quick google, and the B.C. 20w50 lists for $6.74 a qt., Sportlube for $6.69 qt. that leaves $18.04 for an oil filter made by who knows? I'd rather spend a couple more dollars on one of the Name brand V-twin syn. oils and a Genuine H.D. oil filter (about the only H.D. item I insist on).
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    Breeze I 100% agree. And what about free shipping??? When there is $18.00 left over for the filter.:eam
    Like all the replies so far do your self a favor and just go down to the local Harley shop. Do not experiment with oils and filters.....
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    Bikers choice has been around a while, but Who makes their oil and filters? I do not know, alot of aftermarket shops carry their products Big Dog in particular, they once sent me a coupon for a free quart of oil, I used it in my lawn mower:s
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    yea , ijust changed oil in my ride and went went harley 20-w 50 . Just curious if anyone had used their oil ..... thanks :)