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    I am still in my rookie year of riding and have a question. I bought a pair of boots on ebay. They are Harley boots, 8 or 9 in lace up style. The upper part, the leather is nice, very soft and they look good. They fit well but the bottom is super stiff. There is no bend or flex in the rubber bottom. Is this by design or does it just take an exceptionally long time to break in motorcycle boots?


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    Solid soles with very little flex is actually a very good thing. Good boots have steel shanks in them to support the arch, but once the boot is broken in a bit, it will flex. Some have complained about soles --splitting--at the area of I would say stiff means the sole material is substantial (not like an athletic shoe).
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    My HD boots are the same.
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    Agree here all my boots are stiff, I think it gives a more solid base when having to plant my feet at a stoplight JMo
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    Are these NIB boots? If so, yes they are pretty stiff especially if they are steel toe. I have a couple of pairs that took me a month or so to get comfortable. The older pair I have resoled a couple of times. This usually costs about 2/3rds of what a new pair might cost, but your uppers stay "already broke in"! Here are some options for that once you have worn them down:

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