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    0 problem another one :wall
    On my way home from work, my bike started cutting out. The tach needle falls to zero and bike shuts down. It will eventually come back to life with a bang! It happens speratically. A couple tims I had to pull off the road..died completely. Fired right back up and off I went. Could this be a bad pick up coil since the tach needle falls to zero when it cuts out? Its just like I turned the ignition off.
    Its a 92 evo big twin FLHTC. There is no loss of power and when I got home, I left the bike idle for 30 min with no problem. I pulled the derby cover and noticed the plastic that covers the pickup is kind of soft and melting. I tapped it and wiggled the wires but still ran. I pulled all of the connectors and checked for corrosion and all are fine...any ideas on what to check..thanx
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    You may want to ck. all your battery cable connections.
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    Indeed it could, try leaving the cover off next time it happens, the cool air helps with thermal break down, this is not a new problem, it plagued alot of early V fire electronic ignitions
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    There was a ignition switch recall/replace on mid 90's FLH's. The symptoms were just like switching off. It's kind of slim that your's didn't get replaced, and lasted this long, but maybe worth checking.
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    Thanx for the did this once last year but that was it till recently..looks likei will replace the pickup and go from there after checking battery cables..
    [​IMG] ignition was replaced and i also did check for loose connections and such but all seemed fine there.
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