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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by sasquatch04, Nov 21, 2013.

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    I am very worried about this and I think I may have really screwed something up. My Darling wife washed my bike the other day, we let it dry for a while and was going to put it away for winter. When I started the bike it sputtered and quit. I started it again and it started back firing. I thought it might have gotten a bit of moisture in the intake so I took off the air filter and checked for water. Nothing was apparent so I fired her up again. This time it went into some kind of high idle mode so I let it run until the idle came down. It had a slight miss at idle so I thought maybe if it got a bit of moisture it may have fowled the plugs when it backfired. Checked and replaced the plugs and started again. I went to high idle again and when it came down to normal I tried to rev it up a bit and it quit. It would not restart and the engine light came on. I unhooked the the battery to reset the computer and started it again. It went to high idle again and when I touched the throttle it quit again.
    I am now in panic mode, I guess I will call my nearest HD dealer and head down there with my baby in the trailer. This bike has twice as many miles in the trailer than it has been driven (long story) It's only a 6 hour drive in crappy winter conditions so I wish I knew for sure what is wrong with it. I'm afraid to store it like this in case it's a Major problem. Ahhhh I don't know what to do.
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    Easy now and slow down.:small3d011: If all you did was wash bike then something is very wet. But I believe you have a 2 part problem. 1) Recheck the removal of air cleaner and housing for improper installation and or loose or unattached vacuum lines. Which would cause high idle and check engine light. 2) Get a fan and aim it upwards of tank to dry electronics for ignition system. While drying can access to fuse block and check for saturation there.
    Then when all is said and done you might need to clear faults logged in computer from high idle and miss fire...:s
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    wish i could help but it is beyond me, but sounds electrical.....good luck i am sure someone will be along shortly....another reason we miss Hoople..
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    I'm thinking along the same lines as DBMG. Usually it's water in the bar switches. If you have a compressor, blow some air in the switch housings and try again. It definitely is a water problem since it was just washed when this started. Very common mistake people make when washing the bike. I never go above the tank with any water just to avoid a problem.
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    I believe HD has some problems with moisture getting into the BCM on that year may just need to let it dry out. I think there may have been a recall but I am not sure
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    Definitely water, I'll bet. My rule of wash is to blow off major water with the leaf blower, then go back and completely dry each component; NEVER had any problems doing this.
    Oh, I'm sure some of the Jet Dry afficionados will need to say that their several hundred dollar machine is better, but hey...
    Dry izz as dry duzz.
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    Also, a proper introduction is a great way to start-out on these forums...payment for "free" advice.
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    Actually Sasquatch made posted his proper introduction on Nov 20th with his post "ride till your eyes freeze open.
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    Dog gone glider stole my thunder....:D

    Isn't all that trying to start and using the throttle going to UP-Set the throttle by wire???

    Think it mentioned to "Don't touch the throttle and turn ON the OFF the ignition switch 4 times and leave ON each time for about 4-6 seconds to re-set...Make sure the Off On switch on the handle-bar is set ON so the engine goes thru the starting sequence each time...

    Gotta help as I read it here on THIS forum.......:shock