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    Well today was one of the best PGR rides I've ever been on. We escorted the, 911-IRAQ-AGANISTAN KIAs MEMORIAL WALL. It was early before it got too terribly hot like it does down here in Florida. Staging was down at the IHOP in Lake Wales about an hour away. There was a HUGE turn out. There were even more bikes than the Viet Nam wall ride last spring. The bikes spread out over a mile long. My camera just doesn't focus that far away so it just fades into gray but I tried to get some video during the ride. The road cracks were kinda rough and I had trouble holding it still.

    But anyhow it was a great morning. It ended up at the VFW in Winter Haven where they had ice water, hamburgers, hot dogs and BEER for a donation. I met up with a couple of Korean Vets and had fabulous time talking with them. But enough of my rambling on.

    And by the way, those of you who have known me for awhile, know that like everyone else I have an opinion which I try to base on my experience in life. But it is only my opinion. If I disagree with anyone about anything, it don't mean nothun GI. (only Sharpscuba and Rubyred will prolly remember that one). I love Vets and I love bikers and I truly hold the highest regards for all of you guys on the forum, regardless of how I spout off my opinions whether we disagree or not.

    Here's a video salute to the ones we rode for. (oh you will notice the wall isn't near as big as the Nam Wall. That's because... .. well thank God they just don't kill as many of us in a 10 year span as they did in Nam.)

    ‪911_IRAQ_AFGANISTAN_PGR.wmv‬‏ - YouTube
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    Beautiful Dave, Thank you! This brought a tear to my eye and the thoughts of my brothers that I will one day meet again. Each image appears as that young boy that we
    said goodbye too so long ago. Our journeys will have many stories to tell.
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    Excellent!! Great mission.

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    Great job Dave. Nice to see a man who has respect for his fellow man.
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    Nice vid. :)

    Thanks for sharing it with us.