Big bore upgrade?

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    Hello all. Have been considering doing a big bore kit on my 08egc.
    How big can you go before a bottom end upgrade is needed?
    Reason i ask is because i was talking to a guy who has a 09ugc and claims to have gone from stock 96 to a now 106,with no bottom end change. So what is the real story as every body else ive talked to says anything over 103 requires a bottom end upgrade as well. Addtionally he had rinehart true duals on this ugc and when fired up up it sounded like a drag car it was so loud at idle,i coulndnt even imagine riding down the road it was so loud.
    Thanks for any info and have a great ride!!
  2. rancid

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    if you go screaming eagle then 103 is the biggest you can go on the stock bottom end aftermarket is available bigger