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    Hi guys,

    I own a 1996 FXSTC and last saturday, I got stuck without power (low battery). I made all the appropriate verifications and it ends up that my voltage regulator is bleeding and my stator is cooked as it has wires exposed the varnish being fragile as glass.

    I now need to replace the whole charging system. I have no problem with that except that I only want to put the very best available in there.

    What I want to find is one that offer the best ouput at low RPM. Is there some provider who provide the charging charts for their systems?

    Hopefully, I want a package with a chrome regulator.

    As I plan to add a set of passing lights on my bike, I would also appreciate your opinion as if a 32 amp system will be enough? I don't have any other gadgets as heated gears connected on my bike.

    I have read a bit about the 3 phases charging system. Am I understanding it right that this one permit to release the stator from too much load when it's (or not) needed? Causing a longer stator life. Could one of these be used on my 96 softail?

    Thanks for you help and knowledge!
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    Jack that link does not work.
    Sorry that link does work if you remove the smiley
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    I went through the same thing deciding on which one is better.

    I upgraded my charging system from a 22 amp to 32 amp Compufire. The kit was about $249.00 but had a black voltage regulator. It was cheaper than the Accel one. My original stator was also insulated which I don't think is a good idea since it holds the heat in but, protects the wires (I guess). The connector was also better than the 22 amp it actually locks on to the other one unlike it did before (85 Evo engine). So I didn't have to worry about it coming loose and shorting out the voltage regulator or not charging the battery like it's suppose to. The two links they gave you had some good information but, it all comes down to what you think will be better. I was going to get the Accel kit but, for $50 less I went with the Compufire; plus, the Compufire was in stock.:D
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    Thank you to you all!
    I now have made my mind! I just ordered a Cycle Electric 3 phases charging system as it it the best choice now available to my understanding after a serious research! Much better than Compu-Fire as I have been told by some vendor.
    I hope it could also serve others!