Belt Whining? First post....Hello :)

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by richtrix, Aug 21, 2008.

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    I've been lurking for a few days now trying to find out what could possibly be causing the whining noise on my 01 Roadking.

    I recently bought this 01 Roadking with 15k on it. Totally stock engine except exhaust. I am hearing a whining noise that seems to be from the rear in the drive belt area. I can hear it pretty much at any speed, in gear, in neutral (engine running or off), clutch it or out. It doesn't change when the rear brake is applied. It is much more noticeable when decelerating. Also it is a pulsating whine, in other words the pitch changes as the bike rolls like whine....whine....whine etc...It's more noticable from 20 to 50 mph.

    Here's what I have checked (noticed), rear wheel is aligned properly, belt runs against outer lip of both front and rear pulley. The inside of the belt looks to be in good shape. I noticed what looks like some of the shiney (plated?) surface missing on a couple of the teeth of the rear pulley. I haven't checked the belt tension with a gage yet but the tension seems to be right, I can twist the belt about 45 degrees but it's very tight. I rotated the wheel with the bike on a stand and can't really hear anything that sounds like it would cause the whining.

    This is driving me Batty....Any help / suggestions would be MUCH appreciated.

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    Generally sounds for the rear like that are belt tension. It can be deceiving as to the correct tension and also check it in the proper way. Some bikes are done with the weight of a rider and some not. Best bet is to use the gauge on it.