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  1. H'lo:
    I dunno where to put this, so I'll put it here, under General Off Topic.

    I was reading a magazine; one of the articles mentioned something about bells that you hang on your motorcycle. The legend attached to it was that you cannot buy your own bell, it has to be given to you. It has to be hung on your motorcycle somewhere in the front. It drives any demons hanging on your motorcycle totally bananas, because it's ringing all the time, so they drop off your motorcycle and create a pothole.

    It sounds like a terrific legend to attach to something totally non-essential that would drive me bonkers. :bigsmiley30:

    Anyone ever heard of it before? Is it something that's been around, or is it something to sell non-essential items?

    Any comments or corrections welcome. (Thanks)
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    See Steve and I only had one come up the same. Lots if info on the "bells".
  5. Hey:
    :small3d023: Evidently I ought have used the search bar before posting.

    Sorry. I feel sheepish.:bigsmiley25:

    Thank you for all your answers.
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    Would not leave home with out one. The important thing is it has to be a gift from someone for it to work properly............And it needs attached at the lowest point on bike like under engine.
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    My Electra Glide had one when I bought it, so it stays. I've never seen a gremlin bell that even made a decent noise, especially with engine running.
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    Not taking any chances on bad luck, I have one:s