Bell Helmet Customer Service Rox!!!

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    Bought a new Bell Revolver (1st generation) helmet this spring & was having problems with shield constantly dropping down while riding (wind, bumps, etc.). Contacted their Customer Service & they sent me a pre-paid return label to send back for assessment. I also sent the silver shield w/helmet because it seemed to drop more than the stock/clear.

    Well, to my suprise, 3-days later I get my silver shield back, but no note...?? Was waiting for some type of message, but no worries because 2-days after I got shield back I was opening a brand "spanking" new Bell Revolver EVO (2nd generation) helmet...!!! Got to love a vendor who not only does "no cost" returns, but backs their products 110%. They could've sent my old helmet back saying it was fine, or send a 1st generation Revolver, but they went one above & send the best/newest product. Bell does rule & the EVO helmet is sweet!!!
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    :s Guess that is why they have been in business so long, it being harder to find good customer service these days. I say Iceman you got Great customer service:s