Been away from riding a long time

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  1. Mcgee 5

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    I can't figure out where to ask this question so it's here now
    What do you carry on your bike- wrenches, plugs, what? And I only have a messenger bag mounted on rear fender and sissy bar. Help a returning rider out
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  3. jamesearl

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    I carry a cell phone
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    It depends a lot on the make and year of the bike. A cell phone as stated before is a great start.
  5. gator508

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    You are going to be limited on space so an adjustable wrench is a must, allen wrench set, screw driver, spare spark plugs, spare headlamp, oil (if you have the room), and cellphone as mentioned.
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    Gator508 has the right idea, I would add my trusty Swiss Army Knife a few various length ZIP ties, a small wide roll of duct or strapping tape, as well as AAA/plusRV card (just in case), your motorcycle is considered an RV.
  7. Slo-Ryd

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    Since I have room in my hard bags, I keep a leather roll up bag with a knife, all in one screwdriver with torx and standard Phillips/Strait bits, Electrical tape, half dozen zip ties, a 2 foot piece of electrical wire, small wire strippers and a couple of small wrenches like 11mm for the battery terminals and a pair of vice grips. It's all pretty compact and I used to carry this same bag on the front down tubes of my Softail. It's come in handy not if only for myself, but to help fellow riders on occasion. Cell phone is the most important tool as mentioned before.
  8. joel

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    ´┐╝This what I take with me on trips.
    Role it up loosly than tuck it into the rear of the saddle bag to make easy to grab if needed.
    So far the only thing I have done with it is putting it in before a trip and take it back out when we got home. Kind of my lucky charm.

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    good tool set up, the only other thing i take with me is one of those "slime " kits that has the 12 volt mini pump that you can hook up to your battery with some connectors that come with it- a bit like the pigtails that you might leave poking out from under your seat for your battery tender.For me,a puncture is my biggest issue on a ride cos you can bet that front tyre is gonna shoot any nail in the direction of the rear tyre,so now i have replaced the rear spoke wheel on my 94FLSTN with a fat boy solid rim-i figure[hope!] that i have more chance of temp repairing a solid rim puncture than a spoke wheel where air can leak out around spoke holes-i also carry about 10 of those CO2 cylinders-worried about punctures? not a chance.......
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    I will chastise MYSELF for this, and I don't know why I do it but, every new bike I have bought, one of the first things I do, is take the manual and tool box OUT of the bike, and leave them in the garage.

    The NEXT thing I do, is find some way to personalize my bike, to be able to identify it quickly in a crowd.

    Thank God for AAA, and cellphones!! Only had to use them once, when "stupid jerk" me, forgot to turn the main switch OFF, when I got to work one day!!