BBZZZRRuup goes the radio!

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    Well...My girl is sick. I need to take her to the doctor on tuesday. The radio ALWAYS buzzed on the rear speakers when I turned on the ignition from day one and I asked about it. Being my first Ultra, I didnt know any differant, but, was told that was a "common thing" with Ultras with the expanded radio package. and my wife were riding the other day, listening to the radio. Coming out of a city we passed through, I was speading up and the radio was gaining volume like it should, when all of the sudden, the right channels sounded like they were under water! Then, when stopping at a red light, you could here all the electrical functions through the speakers. Brakes lights, turn signals all clicking through the speakers.
    Thank God for EXTENTED WARRANTY!
    Opinions before it goes in the shop?? I say FRIED RADIO. Any other opinions??
    Will let you know what happens after it get out of the shop.
  1. Well...its been a week and the dealer told me they had to HD Tech line to get help on the problem. Geez!
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    Sound like a radio I used to play underwater....:D Actually...a capacitor installed at each speaker connection are fantastic filters. Have installed them on eq. during the golden age of cb's to prevent bleeding into TV's and other sound systems....not sure what values to use however.Even the most expensive sound systems of today uses cap's at filters. If HD can't fix it give it a try..about a $ 10.00 investment. Are of course you can upgrade the
  3. Thanks for the info Fourdogs. HD WILL fix this issue. Warranty is footing this bill.