Battery light came on

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by glazier, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. glazier

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    Rode about 70 miles yesterday. Everything was fine as usual. Stopped for gas. She fired right up. As soon as we hit the road the battery and engine light came on. Pulled into the next gas station and shut her down. Waited a few minutes and she started right back up but lights still on. Headed home. The lights came off and on again for maybe 10 miles and then went off the rest of the way home. Plenty of cranking power. Battery is two years old and always on the battery tender when not riding. Volt gauge showed 14.2 volts when riding and maybe 12.4 at idle. Everything else seems fine. Any ideas??? All connections are clean and tight. Checked codes and got b1006, p0031, and p0562. One is low battery voltage, one has to do with accesory switch, and the other is O2 sensor. O2 sensors are disconnected with the Dobeck EJK and nothing is hooked to the accesory switch. I always leave that switch in the off position anyway. Could a 2 year old battery need replacing already???
    Thanks :D
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    Time for a load test!:)
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    Yes, it's possible the battery could have a weak cell, I've seen new battery's off the shelf that were junk and would not hold a charge. A load test should tell you if it's weak.

    Always start @ the source Load test the battery to rule it out:D
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    You want to check the battery connections at both ends to make sure they are clean and tight.
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    Hey there. I started noticing from time to time that my oil light will flicker even though its full and was changed twice this year. I took it to the mech. who charged me 90 dollars to change the spark plugs (which had me clueless as to why that had anything to do with the oil but...) which kept the light off for some time. However, just a month ago some friends and I were out on a stroll when it started flickering again. My buddy walks up to my bike and wiggles the spark plug wires and said to me that the plug in that go into the box will venture loose from time to time. It did the trick and the light hasn't come on since.
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    I changed my plugs recently so I'll check out the wires, but they seemed secure when I put them back on. Why did you pay $90 for someone to change your spark plugs??? I'll do it for half that price and still make money :D
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    I don't see what your spark plugs or wires would have anything to do with the oil light flickering. It may just have been a coincidence that it has not come back on after playing with the spark plug wires but I don't believe the two are related. I'd start looking for a different cause.

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    I'd give the primary oil a SNIFF...:shock

  10. glazier

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    I'm thinking its the voltage regulator. Heard they had a lot of problems with them in 2012, but mine is a 2013. Will check out the primary fluid if the VR is ok. Forgot to mention that I heard a little pop not too long before I shut her down to get gas, and the next time I fired her up is when the battery and engine lights came on. Could something inside the voltage regulator blow and make a pop noise??? I can fix mechanical, but am totally lost when it comes to electrical. The bike is still under the ESP, (my 2 yr. factory warranty ran out last week), but I'd prefer to fix it myself. I hate leaving it at the dealership. Can the voltage regulator be checked out if it's off the bike???