Battery installation mishap

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by tgarland, Oct 30, 2011.

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    I was installing a battery today and I made the mistake of connecting the negative lead first. When I connected the positive, the wrench slipped and made contact with the battery bracket. It turned the wrench bright yellow and started to melt the lead terminal. The negative wire where it attaches to the frame burned but not completely, still have contact. The rear brake terminal burned and has to be replaced. I was able to get the battery connected and attempted to start, the bike started but it rev'ed to about 3k Rpm's unexplainable so I turned the motor off. Went to crank again and the motor would not turn over, no lighting, no radio, and the oil light is on. The fuel injector does not even attempt to come on. I have a 07 Ultra Classic. Do I have major issues? I also checked all the 15 amp fuses and the large 40 amp. All appear ok. The battery is showing 12 volts with the meter but I didn't load test it.
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    Hopefully you popped the master fuse.... Ouch!
    Be sure to check fuses with a test light...
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    I guess my biggest fear is I did something to the computer cause of the way the engine rev'ed.
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    tgarland, sorry to hear about your mishap...I know this isn't any consolation for your troubles, but welcome to the forum, you will get the help you need from the experts here. But mostly you will find you are at home amongst friends!

    Let us know what the outcome of your dilema turns out to be.

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    After checking all the fuses with a light, see if you still have no power at all. Re check your connections and check the condition of your battery itself . You may have burnt a battery connection elsewhere on the bike with connecting the battery opposite. That's why I always say neg off first and on last when referring to a battery hookup situation.

    Let us know what you find after checking the connections and fuses. Hopefully it isn't the ECM.
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    All appear ok .. ?????/

    Was that a visual inspection or did you test the fuses with an ohm meter? If all the fuses test ok I would also get a load test done on the battery plus what was said in the above posts.
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    Did you change the burnt battery cable(s) before starting bike??
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    Ouch, Hope you get it fixed. We all make mistakes, one more reason we are all here, we help each other every day, Welcome to the Forum:ws:rider
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    if you shorted long enough to over heat a wrench , remove the ground cable & replace , you may have burnt it out inside the covering ,from there reclean all connections & test battery,