battery dead, should I boost it?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by 09 deluxe, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. 09 deluxe

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    My bike has been in storage for the winter. Like a good boy, I removed the battery and stored it in a room temperature, dry place. I checked it about a month ago, and it was still fully charged, but if I install it in the near future, and it doesn't have the juice to start the bike, what is the best way to bring it back up to full power.

    I've read that you never boost it with jumpers from a car, so do you just hook it up to a charger? How many amps should you pump into it? how long for?

    thanks for you help
  2. glider

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    Always slow charge the battery on a low setting, never on a fast charge or you will toast the battery.

    Check the self help areas.
  3. sellisssn

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    YES you should Never boost from a car. The ampeage is all wrong and will fry your voltage regulator!!!! Funny thing about batteries, especially small ones (Motorcycle batteries). Though they may have a good charge and decent cranking amps they can drop dead in an instant, especially in a Harley. So,,,,, If my battery dies over winter, (now that I have a battery tender it does not die). I would roll start the bike in 3rd gear. I am simply making a suggestion. And yes you can roll start the bike if it's an EFI as long as the battery is not completely dead.

    I have a habbit of leaving my lights on when I get to work in the summer so I know this stuff first hand.
  4. samiam26

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    I jump started my bike over the winter from my car and the battery was completely dead. It never held a charge nor could I get it to do a rolling start. After I put it on a slow charger my bike fired right up and from now on I will put my batteries on a slow charger during the winter months.
  5. HDDon

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    It won't hurt the battery to hook it up to a smart charger after each ride, as it will keep the battery from building up sulfides on the plates. Make sure that all connections are clean and tight and that the charger you use has a flote condition and not just keep charging after the 13.3V-13.6V is reached.
  6. Hoople

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    Be thankful it did not do a rolling start. If it had, you would have asked the alternator to supply complete electrical requirements to the bike and at the same time charge the battery from ground Zero. That most likely would have overloaded the stator for sure.
  7. Jack Klarich

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    I would not jump start or push start a EFI bike, Way too many problems when you already have a dead battery. I would install a new battery and check the charging system. Check the new battery voltage before install should be at least 12.5 volts, tho I like to see 12.75 volts fully charged, Jack
  8. marcus22

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    when I bought my bike the battery was dead and my dad had a car jump starter. so we put it on the bike and tryied to start the bike. not only did it not work but it fried the voltage regulator and the raido. expensive lesson learned
  9. Jack Klarich

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    Lesson learned, been there too never again. Did this with a 6 volt FL back in the day , burned up alot of wires LOL
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    I've never used a battery tender. However i do trickle charge my battery about once every two months if i'm not riding it. I set my charger at 2amps, and 12v and let it run for about 1-2 hours. My charger shuts itself off when its done charging, but i don't trust it to run overnight. So far my batteries have lasted about 5 years on average.

    Never jump start your bike with a car or truck. I've jumped a bike with a bike before... But have heard horror stories about using a car.