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  1. Grimsawyer

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    Hello all! I Bought an 84FXRP from my uncle last August and have done minimal work to it. I Have changed all the fluids, new battery and fired it up already. SOUNDED GREAT!!! However it sat for 6 years, some of which was in the elements... The starter relay is sketch... Can't just jump on it and ride... What I'm wondering is how much do you think it would take to cherry it out? Here's my ideas:
    Powder coat the frame and swing arm
    new rubber... ALL THE RUBBER... Tires, motor mounts, handlebar mounts, oil lines etc...
    Chrome oil tank
    New updated starter relay
    New updated(if necessary)clutch... this one is stuck... sitting for a long time with a wet clutch i hear it happens... (for now thinking taking the plates apart and soaking them in oil overnight would do the trick but if i've got them apart anyhow....... *shrug*)
    New cables, Speedo cable(with the thingamic jiggy that broke that spins the cable), clutch cable, Trottle/idle cable...(maybe a new speedo and tachometer with chrome cups)
    New Tank(got dinged up bad in a move) I'm thinking a larger stretch tank
    New seat, "passenger" pad and sissy bar backrest... a nice comfy one for my fat butt!
    Carburetor rebuild kit or new carburetor(maybe a better one?)
    Engine rebuild... (Punch it out a bit, step up the cam a bit, maybe a few other performance parts?)
    Primary AND final drive chain.
    All new gaskets for engine, carb, primary, tranny
    New mufflers, rest of exaust is ok
    New back fender and lights... Somehow the signal bar broke off and there is a HUGE chunk of fender missing...
    New headlight and front signal lenses
    New rubber/oil/etc for the forks and shocks... wanna ride cushy!
    New grips and switches.
    New rubber for tank dash and possibly a new dash for the new tank.
    Sons of anarchy style 1/4 fairing
    Chin fairing from Dirty Biry Customs(if it can be rigged to fit)
    New Air Cleaner and filter... (the one i have has ZERO filter on it... looks like a cheese grater! I took off the cover and said what the heck!?!?!?! my buddy said hey, look on the bright side! you won't suck in any small rocks!!!)
    new pegs or floorboards and highway pegs. Going to keep the controls where they are.
    plus $600 for hard bags(retro buco bags) and new hardware

    pretty much a brand new bike... is 10 grand a good ballpark or more like 15? I'm going to do all the work I can myself. I'm sure I can get it together, however I'll have someone else tune it... people who can tune stuff are magicians!!!

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  2. tourbox

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    Yes you could easily spent 7K-10K on it with what you are wanting to do. It could go even higher to the 15K mark. Being it is an '84 is it an Evo or Shovel, 4 speed or 5?
  3. Jeff Klarich

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    It will be a spendy project but doing a lot of the work yourself will definitely save you a ton of money. You'll have a sweet scoot when your done. Good luck and keep us updated.
  4. drpcfix

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    Start with all the rubber -- got to be rotted at this point. Then do anything mechanical which is safety related and then the rest of the mechanical.

    Then go ride the bike for a bit before you spend any more -- you might just decide to sell it at a nice profit at that point.

    Money spent after that will not add much value.

    Of course the above is offered IMHO.
  5. Grimsawyer

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    5 speed EVO. FXRP, my uncle has always boasted that it is number 4 out of 5 prototype bikes made that year. Early evo too. It was used by police here in oregon to test/etc... but never used to patrol. drpcfix the value added will be for me. Not gonna sell it. Too much sentimental value. =D
  6. The4opps1

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    Been involved in a couple of restorations over the years on both cars and bikes. Sentimentality aside, the first question , IMO, is how much money do you have to spend. If cash isn't a problem, then go for it. If you are like most of us, and have a budget, you have to figure out how much you want to spend and also what you will have to farm out and what you can do yourself. Remember, when doing it yourself, you not only have to have the know how (or have a close friend who does), but also have to have the means, that is the space to work, tools etc. Try to keep this in mind, unless you are one of the lucky few who has millions in the bank, the last thing you want when you are done with your project, is to have a $5000 bike that you have $15000 into. Good luck.
  7. vonh12

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    Why take a nice 1 of bike like that and do anything with it?? Personally I'd fix what needs fixin to make it a reliable and safe ride and enjoy the rarity of a treasured bike!!
  8. dbmg

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    I believe doing this would make bike more sentimental.
    Also as The4opps1 has stated you do not want to have so much time and money wrapped up that you seriously overvalue bike. At some point you will need comprehensive insurance to cover if there is a loss. Get some quotes and that may help in the decision process.
  9. fin_676

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    I have done a few restorations of older bikes the most extensive was on a BMW R100RT it took me 3 winters to do the restoration with the bike on the road the rest of the year

    1st winter I made the bike safe rebuild suspension, brakes, carbs, etc

    2nd Winter complete strip had the frame re painted replaced the frame bearings had all the bodywork re painted all nuts bolts and washers replaced by stainless steel

    3rd winter did and engine and gearbox rebuild including having the heads converted to be able to use unleaded fuel

    Bike would come off the road 1st nov and be back on the road for 1st march I would be in the shed for at least 2 hours in the evening mon - fri and get 4 hours on sat and 6 on sun

    It took a lot of time effort and commitment and money was spent as it was needed but I would save all summer to have a pot of money to work with
    total cost including the purchase price of the bike was about 3 times the end value of the bike however over the 3 years of the rebuild if I had gone to the pub on a Friday night and had a drink it would have cost more than the restoration
    So yes it cost overall a lot but I was not spending elsewhere

    Was it worth doing to me yes as I pushed my knowledge and skills beyond where they had previously been and I perhaps learned a lot about my own commitment and I gathered some more tools and a big bucket of spare parts

  10. dbmg

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    Have you ever wonder how basket cases become basket cases......:(