Ball Ramp Mechanism Sticking

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by fpd4308, Jul 7, 2010.

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    So I was adjusting my clutch and the ball ramp mechanism started sticking so the clutch will not return. This is the second time it has done this both when adjusting the clutch. the first time I took the tranny side cover off and cleaned the mechanism and it seemed to work fine but now I adjust the clutch again and same thing so I am wondering if it is something I am doing wrong.
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    Did you pull the side cover off and pull check the ball bearings? Did you remove them at some point? Maybe they aren't in the right place so they are somehow getting bound up?

    Just trying to help ya think of what could be going on.

    Here is the method that I always use to adjust mine, thanks to glider. :)

    Easy Clutch Adjustment Method - Harley Davidson Community
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    If you back off on the adjuster too much the balls in the ramps can become dislodged and you may need to open up the end cover again to reset them. Also when adjusting the clutch and you have taken the slack out of the clutch adjuster in the center, squeeze the clutch lever three times to reset the balls and then do the cable adjustment.
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    Ahh..I may have left that part out. I will take the side cover off and reset the mechanism then go back to the clutch adjustment.

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    When installing the EZ clutch, I was concerned about the ball and ramp design, and like Glider said I did the adjust and actuated several times to make sure they were centered and not out of position. Never really thought about what would happen if I did not do the reset and actuation before doing the final adjustment. Nice to know to be sure.