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  1. whisky tango

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    Thought of this today, use the old style chrome bumper bolts, nut and washer. Remove the stock fastener retainer, install the bumper bolt with the round head exterior, washer and nut in the bag. Leave the rubber inserts in the bag and the bumper bolts are a perfect fit. Very difficult for someone to jack your bags.

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  2. dbmg

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    That is a very affordable way to keep bags on bike. Thanks for sharing..
  3. Iceman24

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    At first I did something similar with clevasse pins. Worked OK, but pain when it came to removing bags so ended up going w/Brukus kit. Later discovered the Brukus kit can be replicated @ Ace HW for ~$8. Oh well, at least my bags are secure and semi-steal proof. :s
  4. Biffy08

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    I must be missing something. If the bag latches are locked, how can a thief remove the hardware and steal the bags?
  5. inbowhunter713

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    Cut the wire the stock fasteners attach to.
  6. DFHarley19

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    I look at my bags and realized how easy to remove them with screwdriver! :49:
  7. pru7536

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    Biffy08, I was wondering the same thing. I just went out to my geezer glide with a flashlight to take a closer look. I can't even see the retaining spring at the front of the bags without opening the lid. I can see the rear ones, but I couldn't get a cutting tool on 'em. This must be a problem or there would be no reason for people to go to the trouble of making or buying theft-proof fasteners. Someone could easily steal my seat, but the bags look like they are pretty safe as long as the lid is locked. If I was gonna be a felon, I think I'd just steal the whole bike.
  8. Biffy08

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    I'm with ya! The seat is very easy? I am glad I think, :small3d026: that I don't think like a thief.
  9. whisky tango

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    The threads on this forum and others about bags be stolen may be (EDIT) or the frequency greatly exaggerated, don't know. Allegedly the bags are stolen for the contents (what is in yours when you are out and about), they are being used as mounts for stereo equipment, why wreak your own when you can steal some one else's, or simply to replace damaged ones. "They" say it takes less than 30 seconds to remove both sides and be gone.

    For a few bucks or maybe what is in your bolt box and 5 minutes of your time you can save yourself alot of grief. I did mine.


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  10. Breeze3at

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    Yep, putting one bolt in each saddlebag is like insurance. I hope I never need it, but I got it if I do. I have recently replaced my 5/16" hex head bolt with a 5/16"
    thumb screw. Now I don't need a wrench to take a bag off.