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    I have a set of mufflers on my 06 Ultra I think they are Screaming Eagle or Rush slip ons. They have the number HD 65936-03 on them I have found the number 66156-08 is the Screaming Eagle number. they have removable end caps. Does any one know if they have changable baffles They are quite and i would like to make them a little louder without going real loud. Any help would be great thanks GBSB
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Smitty is the answer man on Exhaust, older SE mufflers were made by Kerker and could be repacked with new fiberglass packing, try the search box
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    Usually you can tell if the baffles are removable if at least one of the bolts for the end caps also goes through a flange inside the muffler. The flange is the end of a removable baffle. Often, there is a bar across the end, that is to assist in removing the baffle. HD stamped on the muffler means it's a HD part.
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    you can pull the baffles out and cut a small diversion plate out of the core which will make em a bit louder
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    HD/SE Baffles should come out after removing the small set screws. I went with
    Big City Thunder - Are You Baffled? on my Fatboy. There used to be installation instructions on their web site and the baffles come with instructions. Takes about 30 minutes to swap them out. Great phone support.
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    Mikuni makes a performance baffle for the HD/SE and Kerker mufflers (if that's what you have). I've had good results with this baffle. Reasonably quite while cruising, fairly loud if you're on the pipe. This baffle produces good torque early and pulls strong all the way to the top. You should have 3 set screws holding your end cap on and baffle in place. You'll need to remove your muffles from the bike, remove the set screws and using a wooden dowel or pvc pipe pound the baffle out.