Bad Shuddering!! Help a girl out?

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by mj1731, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. mj1731

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    Hey everybody. I've got a 2008 sporty 1200L that I'm having a problem with and really need some help! It's all stock, fuel-injected, recent oil change. I bought it in June with 2,000 miles on it. It's got about 5,000 now.

    I'm noticing a significant shudder when I'm accelerating. It's pretty loud and I can feel it though the bike. It's most noticeable when I first start accelerating but continues until I'm cruising. It still feels a little rough at cruising speed.

    - Starts up just fine
    - No problems while idling
    - Shuddering does not happen when the clutch is in
    - Does not happen when twisting the throttle with the clutch in
    - Worst after changing gear and letting out the clutch
    - I still feel it but less so when accelerating while in the same gear, (no clutch use)
    - Accelerating harder/faster doesn't seem to change it

    I'm thinking a clutch issue? But it still happens while accelerating and not using the clutch. Any help would really appreciated. I'm taking it to the local HD dealer tomorrow but would like to have some idea of what I'm looking at, especially if it's not something they figure out right away.
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Welcome to The Forum, you may have a comp sprocket bolt loose or the clutch hub nut is loose, if you do not have the manual or skills it is best to have a tech test ride your bike and Good Luck:s
  3. fin_676

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    Jack has given you a good start point at looking where an issue may be however there is no compensator on the sportster just an engine sprocket however if that is loose same issue as with a compensator
    So a place to start is under the primary cover ensure that the engine sprocket nut and clutch hub nut are secure and that the primary chain is at correct tension
    Also check condition of drive belt and the 2 pulleys one at the gearbox and one at the wheel

  4. Hoople

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    Did the problem start right after you changed the engine oil? If you happen to use an oil that has PTFE in it (Teflon), it will make the clutch shudder like crazy.

    If I am not mistaken, your Sporster wet clutch gets lubed with engine oil, so your selection of engine oil is important because of oil additives.
  5. HDSickness

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    Sounds like a clutch out of adjustment.:(
  6. Jennmarr

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    If you downshift when the shuddering starts will the problem go away then?
  7. Rydit

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    Good you have a Tach on the scoot?
  8. jimharvey1

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    Whatever you used for oil, your Sporty clutch doesn't like all. You can TRY adjusting the clutch, but I would bet that you'll wind up changing out that new oil with something a little less "slick". DO NOT use an oil with a PTFE additive in a Sport.

    Good luck. You may have to pull the primary and spray out the clutch basket with brake cleaner.
  9. Wayne R

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    I had what sounds like a similar problem on my Roadking and it turned out to be a motor mount bolt that was missing on my bike.
  10. lordharold

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    the sportster's engine oil is different than the primay oil which is shared with the transmission so should not be a problem unless you used engine oil in it too.