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    USMCCWO5 Junior Member

    Where can I get a front and rear fender for a 2009 Red Hot Sunglow Street Glide?

    My daughter drove the car through the garage door and hit both of my bikes. Luckily, I just sold the 2008 Sportster on Thursday.

    My 2007 Road King Classic has minor scratches on saddlebag, fender emblem, and turn signal lens.

    My wife's 2009 Street Glide needs both fenders and fender tip (grill for light) for the rear one.:small3d023::small3d023::small3d023:

    BTW: $875.00 dollars for a new double-wide garage door from Home Depot installed.
  2. Buzzy

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    Guess I'm lucky, my wife only drives out of the garage thru the doors. Ouch, good luck on the fenders, probably HD items.
  3. glider

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    Ouch!!!! That hurts. Sorry to hear about this.
    Best bet probably would be to order them from Harley with factory paint IMO.
  4. wildspirit97

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    gonna put it on the insurance? now might be a good time to do something custom with the help of the good ole' insurance company.

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    My gal just partially backed into the garage door while it was opening too slow...just minor damage to the door (couldn't find the exact place where the car was hit to cause all the damage)...the garage door sections are sure made out of pretty thin metal (even though I had the "best" w/ double wall and internal insulation (yeah styrofoam...) :gh

    USMCCWO5 Junior Member

    Well, I appreciate the thougths, I sent a parts request to my dealer. I have some paint to buff out on the car too.

    How did my FLHRC escape with minimal damage? Her bike was laying on mine, but nothing really happened. I buffed out the turn signal with windsheild polish. Leather bag has a minor nick in it. The rear fender emblem has a wrinkle in the top of the chrome, which you can't see unless you are inched from it (with my eyes anyway):gh
  7. Shifter

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    Man. I feel for you! I was in the garage cleaning my bike the other day with the garage door up when my son came out and started his car and lurched into the garage almost hitting me and the bike. Luckily the door was up! I moved his car earlier to let his Mom out of the driveway and when I pulled it in I left it in 1st gear. He said he always leaves it in neutral. I knew this nice paint job was doomed on this bike when I got it though. I took the bike to an Indy the other day for some work. They had it 3 days. I picked it up and got on the bike and rode around for @ 45 mins, pulled into the garage and saw my rear fender lip was dented and paint was cracked. Took it back, I said, he said...he gave me the card of a local place to get with and hopefully it'll work out. I know your situation is far worse, but it'll all work out and it's something you'll all kid your daughter about someday...poor thing!!
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  8. Dr. Dolittle

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    Aren't daughters just wonderful! Seriously, she'll be your daughter forever. Who knows how long you'll have that particular bike in the garage. Give her a hug and tell her it's OK. Maybe even a story about something incredibly stupid you did in your younger days.
  9. formike56

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    Daughter's are great. 2 cars in 4 month's. Both totaled and she walked away without any scratches. Just bruised confidance.:newsmile040:
  10. USMCCWO5

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    Very lucky, I am glad your daughter is fine. Mine has a bruised ego, that is all.

    Does anyone know if the front fender was changed in 2009? Maybe I can find a fender on Ebay in Red Hot Sunglow from any year that will fit?

    Also, does HD make touch-up paint? I think I can touch up the rear fender, since I already straightened it.

    I will have to replace the skirt that has the lights on the bottom and runs up both sides of the rear fender.:newsmile093: