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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Dynajoe, Apr 13, 2012.

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    Have been riding with the stage 1 upgrade for aprox five thousand miles now, Breather, Pipes and download included. Never did go with a tuner type device (dobeck?). So,naturally what happens is the engine pops and backfires often, upon throttledown. Sometimes hardly any pops and such noise, other times, I gets me a full on, ear blowin backfire. I really like that. A real fine noise.
    I ride nice and easy, responsible noise and speed managment. Top RPM sometimes as hight as 4000. Easy riding dude, but I do enjoy that sound upon down throttle!!
    Is this a bad thing?? Immature yes, but bad?? Bad for the engine?? Do I reallymneed such a device such as a doebeck thingamagiggy, or will the engine be OK?? :newsmile011:
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    I'm sure others will follow with more detail, but yes BAD! That explosion you hear is not only coming out the end of the pipe, but goes the other way also. Up the pipe and if the exhaust valve is open, into the cylinder also. Can't be good. One thing I do know for certain, my brother-inlaws bike is like yours and he loves it. I HATE riding anywheres near him!:s
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    You are running too lean and among the things you will encounter is needing a valve job much sooner then you would with a properly tuned bike.That is the best case.Worst case is you will hammer down on a real hot day,experince pre-detonation and trash a piston.
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    Its all fun and games till something gets hurt.......:newsmile055:
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    even on a properly tuned bike you will get some popping on decel.....I would get a tuner. Love my Power Commander.
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    Think HEAT, this bike is way TOO lean now and heat is the BIGGEST destroyer of air cooled motors, add more fuel that YOU can control, make sure you have leak free exhaust. If in doubt pull off the mufflers and seal them with some anti sieze or better yet high temp Ultra Copper RTV Top end motor work is not cheap and replacing pistons may be in your future JMO
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    I went with a new exhaust and screaming eagle intake, as well as a tuner. I get very very slight pop on deceleration. Not all the time, and it isn't loud. I'm assuming it isn't a problem. One of the reasons I hate not having a temperature gauge.